Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Danish Cartoonist Urges Dutch MP To Air Anti-Islam Film

The accursed Danish cartoonist believes Dutch far-right MP Geert Wilders should air his anti-Islam film, he said in an interview in a Dutch paper published Monday.

"Geert Wilders just has to broadcast his film," cartoonist Kurt Westergaard said.

In the last few weeks the Dutch government and other politicians have asked Wilders not to broadcast the film, hoping to avoid a repeat of the violent riots that erupted in Muslim countries in 2006 after Westergaard cartoons published in a Danish paper.

"In Denmark there is not a politician who would say that, that would be political suicide," Westergraard said.

"Danish politicians know you should not infringe on freedom of expression," he added.

The cartoonist Westergaard says he regrets that people died in the protests against his cartoons but stressed, "I cannot take responsibility for that".

"Muslims have got to learn (to take insults). Politicians face insults daily ... Muslims as a group should accept religion is a private affair," he explained.

Like Wilders, Westergaard now lives under round the clock police protection. (Geo TV)

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