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Writer On Prominent Radical Islamic Web Site Gloats Over Benazir Bhutto's Death

A writer on a radical Islamic web site forum gloated over slain Pakistani People’s Party leader Benazir Bhutto’s recent tragic death.

The article headline read, “Another sworn enemy of Allah hit the dust.” The commentary was carried on the Al-Ekhlaas forum, which the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) in an Oct. 2007 bulletin said has become “become one of the most prominent and popular Islamist forums.”

MEMRI added, “Al-Ekhlaas posts communiqués and videos by terrorist organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq (affiliated with al-Qaeda Iraq) and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as well as materials by religious scholars who support the mujahideen, including fatwas, essays and books. In addition, it serves as a platform where Islamists exchange information and views on operational and ideological issues.”

Apparently penned by an individual calling himself Abu Haitham, the post read in part that “Bhutto’s death was Allah’s answer to … an apostate who sold her religion for a miserable price.”

The writer than asked who killed Bhutto and who stands to benefit the most. He said that many people believe Bhutto’s death is the work of al-Qaeda, which, he opined, as being quite likely.

Then Haitham said, “As an apostate, Bhutto should (have been) not only (an) al-Qaida target, but a target for every Muslim. Her blood and wealth were legal. However, al-Qaida has not confirmed or denied responsibility. And unless they do, or unless a solid evidence emerges, no one can make such claim with certainty.”

Haitham added some more shocking rhetoric. He said, “Muslims will be extremely happy if sending Bhutto on a one way trip to … hellfire was the work of Allah at the hands of al-Qaida or any Muslim.”

The post criticized Bhutto as being “American to the bone” and “an enemy of Allah,” and implied she was basically just a pawn of the United States. The writer commented, “She was Harvard educated and has gone through the amazing American mill (which) … is almost like magic. One enters the machine from one end and, regardless of ethnic or religious background, he/she exits from the other end as an American as an apple pie.”

Haitham concluded by saying, “May Allah bring more tyrants to their disgraceful death. May Allah protect the leaders of Jihad against the cross worshipers, Osama bin laden, Ayman Zawahri, Mulla Omar, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir and all other leaders and Mujahedeen everywhere and keep them as thorns in the side and the throats of all infidels and apostates.”

In addition to the posting with its evident happiness over Bhutto’s death (and thousands of other commentaries, links and videos about a variety of other issues), a news release from the Al-Fajr Media Center, a group associated with Iraqi terrorists, was also available on the Al-Ekhlaas forum.

Detailing and praising the killing and wounding of a number of American soldiers it read in part, “ … two roadside bombs were detonated at this patrol in another place leaving three of its soldiers killed, and others wounded to reach the total of 13 crusader soldiers killed – may Allah kill them all on … every Muslim’s Land … All praise and gratitude are due to Allah.”

The release continued with a prayer, “O Revealer of The Book, Mover of the clouds, Destroyer of the co-coalition (the enemies), destroy the co-coalition. Destroy the spiteful … Zionist Crusaders and whosoever aids them. O Allah, make them and their weaponry a booty for the believers. O Allah defeat them, destroy them O the All-Strong, the All-Mighty.”

In an Oct. 2007 statement, MEMRI said that Al-Ekhlaas is currently hosted by four different servers: three in the U.S. and one in Malaysia. (Jeremy Reynalds, News By Us)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took six years (1939-1945) for the allies to crush the mighty fascist armies of Germany, Italy and Japan. It has now been more than 6 years since 9/11 but the jihadi terrorists are still alive and kicking. If Russia could destroy the Chechen terrorists in a few years, why can't the West annihilate AlQaeda and the Taliban?

11:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

These people are sick. However, they are not stupid! They use the stupid ones in thier organizations to blow themselves up in the name of Allah & Religion!
It's not that easy to get rid of them especially since they have such strong support.
The Second World War was fought on a different front that what is being fought now.
The other point is that the Western countries think they are so smart & so they have misjudged these Muslim Terrorists. Big mistake! Don't underestimate your enemy!

2:48 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Trashed said...

The West don't want to annihilate AlQaeda and the Taliban due to complex politics in the Middle East. Also, in the wars of past, they were fought by uniformed soldiers. The terrorist organisations of today don't subscribe to the wearing of uniforms to identify themselves, hence this cannot be said to be a balanced theatre of conflict in the traditional fighting of a war.

However, all will come to pass in time when alternative energy sources replace fossil fuel. The political dynamics will change and the said terrorist organisations will then become irrelevant.

6:46 PM GMT+8  

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