Saturday, January 26, 2008

Consequence Of Hindraf Rally - Sleepy Samy Vellu Finally Wakes Up And Works For Welfare Of Indians

Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu continued to juggle between his duties as the Works Minister, MIC president and Sungai Siput MP by criss-crossing the country to explain to the people and resolve their problems from clogged drains to community woes.

He met more than 250 MIC branch leaders in Ipoh yesterday to explain the true situation with regards to the Indian community, and moved to Sungai Siput today to meet his constituents.

Tomorrow, he will put on the Works Minister's cap to officiate at a programme in Seremban, which incidentally involved a group of young Indians.

"I have been meeting many Indian groups, not just MIC members, to explain to them the true situation and also gathering information from them as well as resolving their problems on-the-spot," he said in a statement today.

Samy Vellu said an effective leader would know how to spread his work and divide his or her time evenly to ensure they cover maximum places.

Samy Vellu said certain quarters, possibly aligned or with the opposition, have been spreading lies and propaganda, especially through the SMS, to win over the hearts of the Indians.

"I have met many groups of Indians in hot spots but after meeting them, I realise that things are not as what is being circulated via the SMS," he said.

He said the majority of Indians, especially the voters are "still very much with (supporting) the Barisan Nasional and the MIC" although some of them are not happy with certain policies which the MIC was correcting.

"Generally, they are happy with what the government and the MIC have been doing but they want us to do more. They said they will continue to support the Barisan but want their grievances to be resolved," he said.

Samy Vellu said during his meetings with several Indian groups, including youths, he assured them that the MIC had held several discussions and had proposed to the government several steps to remedy the dissatisfactions among Indians.

The Minister urged Indians not to gamble with their future by supporting the opposition in the coming general election.

He said they should not let emotions rule their thinking but cast their votes wisely.

"I want the Indian community to be rest assured that the MIC has been fighting for their cause and we will pursue them vigorously," he added. (Bernama)

***** No more arrogant pomp. No more scowling at those who complain of mistreatment or discrimination. No more leaving it to his subordinates to give a little bit of aid for poor Indians. Now Sam is going to the ground 24/7 and like a daily paid labourer he is slowly going to earn his dues and hopes to be given a bonus on election day.

More importantly he has to regain the respect of the Indian community and ensure that there is no repeat of the massive humiliation he was subjected to at Penang some time ago where he was publicly booed and cursed. In order to achieve this, he has to genuinely work on Indian misgivings about the MIC and the Umno-dominated BN government.

The old tactic of "I'll take it up with the PM" or "I'll bring it up at the Cabinet" won't work anymore. He must deliver the goods to the satisfaction of most Indians. That won't be an easy task on two counts. One would be the objection from stubborn racists in Umno who would bring his suggestions and plans to a screeching halt. And the other is the attitude of the average Indian who won't be satisfied with whatever good any party may bring their way. Perhaps understanding this perennial tendency among Indians to be discontented no matter what is done, that Hindraf fought for a million US dollars for each of them!
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Anonymous SM said...

The only reason he is doing it is because the BN suddenly realises that the Indians have woken up after HINDRAF came out & will vote for the opposition!
He's suddenly very interested in the welfare of the ordinary Indians? Ya riye!
Semi Value wants to hold on to power & help his Master, the UMNOputras to stay in power!
It's time they are voted out!

9:20 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Fair said...

Semi Value is so hard working now because of the imminent 12th GE, after the election he will be sleeping again just like the Sleepy Head aka Abdullah Badawi.

11:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Trishul said...

Samy does not sleep. He works hard. Really. He works hard but unfortunately he works hard to consolidate his power and grab any goodies he can for his own pocket. He wants to cling to the President's chair till death separates him.

Power and money is the first priority.

Indians welfare was the least priority.

Thank God HINDRAF changed all that.

8:36 AM GMT+8  

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