Wednesday, December 26, 2007

9-Year-Old Girl In Pakistan Forced To Marry 35-Year-Old Cousin

A nine-year-old girl was allegedly forced to marry her 35-year-old physically handicapped cousin to settle a gambling debt.

The incident took place in Akhtarabad near Okara on Tuesday.

The husband is the girl’s cousin and cannot hear or speak. The girl’s father owed gambling money to his sister-in-law’s husband and in exchange married off his daughter to his sister-in-law’s son. (Daily Times, Pakistan)

***** Disgusting! Thank Al..., ooops sorry, GOD we don't have such problems in Malaysia. Or do we?
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Blogger kittykat46 said...

Umm...there are stories of guys here who are heavily in debt to Ah Long's who had their wives provide "services" to the loan sharks to help pay off the true I'm not sure.

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