Sunday, November 25, 2007

Umno, MIC Biggest Losers In Hindraf Rally Crackdown

'Tear gas has been fired at a crowd of about 2,000 demonstrators at Jalan Semarak to disperse Hindraf rally of about 20,000. Scores arrested'. Thus reads a news alert via sms from The Sun.

Am I surprised? No. Did I expect anything less from our intolerant pemimpin2? No. These geezers wax eloquent on the virtues of democracy but have no inkling about what it really means and have no genuine desire to put it into actual practice. They have told lie after lie after bloody lie in order to realise their only aim, to remain in office. The bottom-line for them is to maintain the status quo and cling on to power for as long as they possibly can. This they can only achieve by playing the favouritism game, splitting the citizens into many factions, deliberately disallowing true concord from taking root between the disparate groups, brutally smothering even the slightest voice of dissent from growing stronger and if necessary to create government inspired and sponsored riots and conflagrations in order to maintain the tight rein which has slowly and steadily been choking the rights and lives of millions of citizens over the past several decades.

I personally feel that after the Bersih rally, Malaysians have finally crossed an invisible line which they would not have even dared to contemplate a few years ago. People of all ethnic origins have for a long time known of the hoodwinking ability of this government, of its propensity to preach different sermons at different venues and of its culpability in many of the wrongdoings, abuses and iniquities in the name of bangsa, agama dan negara. Even if the government orders the police to smash the Hindraf rally participants to smithereens, it will make no difference to the way law-abiding citizens will in future show their true feelings and resentment towards the authorities.

Public rallies are here to stay and the police permit requirement will in time become an evil part of our history. The cops will perforce have to be educated that in the event of a public rally their only duty is to clear the roads and enable easy access for the participants to reach their destination. That is their true job in a real democracy and not behaving like uniformed thugs in some impoverished banana republic. Sometimes I wonder what percentage of the police force, in their heart of hearts, actually have faith in the way our government handles these situations?

Whatever may have occurred or is still happening this morning at the Hindraf rally, the government has lost its credibility as a promoter and practitioner of democracy. The race-based political parties, Umno and MIC will come out of this mess with their already soiled reputation further ruined. Umno has only further confirmed that it is a racist party which will not bend to the sufferings of others and will not listen to the voice of reason. The MIC has not only overseen from the sidelines the marginalisation of Indians, it has also been castigated nationally for being a willing participant in the formulating and practice of apartheid-like policies while all along ravenously feeding on the morsels thrown by the big vulture, Umno. Moreover their 'legitimate' political role to 'serve' the Indian community as a whole has been wrested by others such as those from Hindraf who over the next few years can only grow stronger. As for the other eunuchs in government such as the MCA, Gerakan et al., the less said the better.

The government can trot out the Sedition Act and the ISA for the time being. But time, dear pemimpin is fast running out and if in the meanwhile elections are 'bersih-ed' up, it will not be too far-fetched to predict your early exit from Putrajaya.
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A comprehensive report from Reuters HERE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BN government have shot themselves in the foot once again.
There stupidity is not unexpected given the pathetic unintelligent leaders in the BN component parties, UMNO, MIC are the prime examples.
How low can they go?
Democracy, what democracy?
We see oppression, intimidation, curtailment of human rights,unlawful arrests, excessive and unnecessary use of force, all this clearly demonstrates that Malaysia is now a fascist police state

12:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BN govt will fall int he next election if the elections are fair.

The key word here is IF. Will the next election be fair? Only time will tell and if the rigging is too obvious, then expect more rounds of much more explosive demonstrations ALL over the country.

12:55 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Crankshaft said...

It sounds like an extremely bizarre action on the part of HINDRAF but after closer inspection, there is a purpose.

Delivering a memo to the government would be a completely pointless exercise, and they need to get international attention.

Hence, all these stupid actions by the government like roadblocks and checks are useless!! It's impossible to stop every single Indian from going into the city.

Instead the police and government just want to irritate the shit out of every citizen so they will think twice about protesting.

Even now, I hear there is a terrible jam on the road. It's all pointless! Just allow the protestors to get to the British High Commission and they will disperse quite quickly instead of causing such chaos.

1:13 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following Hindraf, Maldraf, Chindraf,Bengalidraf,Indondraf and whatever else DRAF shall find justifications to be formed. The aim shall be to seek compensations from the British,Dutch and Portugese Governments say around Trillion 15-20 each for the state of selves we are made to be in today.With the money we dont have to work ever. SIMPLY SMART SOCIETY

8:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger devilwitattitude said...

I read couple of articles, and somehow I am more inclined to urs..I apllaud u for that

11:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If ever you can say something about an empty have seen one today...

it would have been simple to issue a permit..

to gather at a stadium

to express themselves

to stipulate a time frame

to let them go in peace..

and BN would hve been appreciated... stand empty..

but for UMNO YOUTH you did give allow them to demonstrate...was there a permit..none..and that is what you call Islam Hadhari..ada hari saya punya ada hari bukan awak punya..

12:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can only wait and see in the next election whether the BN swin or lose. Personally i'm not sure they will lose as they are the goverment and they can do whatever they want and I don't think that we will get a fair election this time around. I'm personnaly going to vote for the opposition no mather what.

10:20 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rallies are only for UMNO. anything else is not permissible. in the name of religion and race? thats their favourite phrase and is now abused to cover up their corruption and incompetency.

11:52 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous A Malaysian said...

I m seriously dissapointed with the gov. I hope that they can see now that the people are NOT OK with the policies. Its not really about the race, its about the rights of each person called 'malaysian citizen' and how equally it should be.

12:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:11 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:11 AM GMT+8  
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