Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tun Fairuz, Tengku Adnan Among Those Questioned By ACA. The Sandiwara Continues

The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has recorded statements from Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor in connection with a controversial video clip.

ACA director-general Datuk Ahmad Said Hamdan said the ACA also recorded statements from eight other individuals to assist in its probe into the video clip showing a prominent lawyer allegedly brokering the appointment of top judges in the country. The statements were recorded before the Hari Raya.

"All the 10 had given good cooperation in this matter," he said tonight. "Now the ACA only needs the original unedited version of the video clip to facilitate the investigation."

Ahmad Said said that any individual including former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with an original copy should deliver the video clip to the ACA. "Tomorrow, our officers will go to his (Anwar) office to take the original copy of the tape. If he fails to do so, action will be taken against him," he added.

Anwar has until tomorrow to hand over the original copy of the video clip, failing which he could be charged under Section 22 of the ACA Act which carries a fine of not more than RM10,000 or a jail term of not more than two years or both, upon conviction. (Bernama)

***** The lengths to which these stooges in the ACA will go to get hold of the original tape! If they manage to possess it then we can kiss it goodbye. Either the video clip will be 'misplaced' or 'accidentally' destroyed. Then life will go back to normal and semuanya will still be OK!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good. By now they should know about the authenticity of the video clip. ACA shld hand all information to the appointed panel or the panel shld summond ACA for the details. If it is a fake, DSAI shld hv been detained long ago. But why ask for the full length tape when the truth is already known? Why no action on the alleged CJ, Tengku, Lingam and the rest?? The important point has been ignored. The govmen is only aiming at punishing the whistle blowers. So,who said "Tell me the truth."?? I hav second thought for telling the truth now. this will be a very bad culture for the young, for telling the truth will be punished. Who once said to cultivate good values in our society and millions had been spent for that?? Tell me the truth...I'll punish the busy body. this is the good value the govmen wants??

5:43 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Trashed said...

Are the statements given in response to questions by the ACA or just statements provided by the said personalities.

If it is not in response to ACA questions (assuming they are asking the right questions), then those statements will probably have no value.

1:08 AM GMT+8  

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