Monday, October 22, 2007

Anwar Faces Jail Threat For Protecting Source

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said Monday he was warned to either reveal the whistle-blower behind a video tape alleging judicial corruption or risk prosecution.

Anwar accused the government of trying to delay a proper investigation and to divert public attention from the allegations of judicial misconduct raised by the video.

In a statement, Anwar asked why the Anti-Corruption Agency was more concerned about conducting a "witch hunt" for the person who made the tape than investigating the actual allegations.

Last month, Anwar released the video clip in which a prominent lawyer is allegedly taped brokering the appointment of top judges in 2002.

However, he only showed eight minutes of the original 14-minute video footage and refused to release the remainder to protect the identity of the man who secretly took the video at the lawyer's house with his mobile phone.

Anwar said Anti-Corruption Agency officials quizzed him on Monday for a second time in three weeks and ordered him to surrender the original complete video footage by Thursday or face prosecution. Anwar's statement said he remained concerned for the safety of the whistle-blower if the rest of the tape is released.

The video shows the lawyer talking on his mobile phone to a person identified as a senior judge. The lawyer allegedly talks about how he helped get the judge appointed to his current post and discusses plans to elevate him further with the help of a tycoon and a senior politician.

The government has said it is willing to offer witness protection, including plastic surgery and a new identity, to lure the whistle-blower to come forward. It has appointed an independent panel to investigate the authenticity of the video, but activists say the panel lacks sufficient power and should expand its probe to look into the conduct of judges.

Judges are appointed by the king on the prime minister's recommendation. Rights groups and lawyers have called for an impartial commission to oversee the appointments. (International Herald Tribune)

***** Persons who expose corruption and wrongdoing are hunted down. Those who commit crimes are roaming free and with 'respect'. 'Independent' investigation panels have no power to investigate. Agencies which thus far have had no balls, like the ACA, have suddenly developed extra testes. And we consider our country a democracy! Malaysia Boleh!
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Blogger rational thinker said...

but as expected, he chickened out, and promised to hand out the video.

9:29 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jail and then a second black eye courtesy of AAB?

9:32 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another jail and another black eye, never stop anwar to keep going, compared to khir toyo,just one defeat in recent election makes him chickennout,that is difference between someone devious and sincere

1:35 AM GMT+8  

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