Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Malaysian Schools Will Be Opened In UK

(Malaysian students abroad 1999-2004)

Umno Overseas Club
aims to open up more Malaysian schools in major cities in the United Kingdom (UK) for the benefit of children of Malaysian parents furthering their studies in the country.

Its chairman Datuk Shafie Apdal said these schools would help the children get a Malaysian education in Bahasa Malaysia apart from religious studies as is the case back home.

"This way they will be exposed to Malaysian culture from early which will later serve them in good stead," he told Malaysian journalists after opening the Southhampton Malaysian School here Saturday.

Shafie, who is also Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, joined some 200 Malaysian students who are studying at Southampton University in celebrating Aidilfitri in conjunction with the opening of the school.

He said that besides this school, there were five other Malaysian schools in the UK, in Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Sheffield and Edinburgh, cities where many Malaysians are pursuing higher studies.

According to him, the schools provided pre-school until secondary school education following the Malaysian syllabus.

Shafie, who came to London Friday to meet Malaysian students in the UK, said there were still many cities without such schools (in the UK) but it was not feasible to have them there because of low numbers of Malaysian students or they were mostly single.

He said that despite it being costly to set up Malaysian schools in the UK, Umno Overseas Club would monitor the situation and do its best to set up more of them to help children of Malaysian parents studying in the UK to get a Malaysian education up to the secondary level.

At the function, Shafie also made a contribution of RM21,000 to help in the running of the school, which is using rented premises. The school's principal, Abdul Halim Ahmad, said the school was opened on Jun 16 and presently had 42 students with teaching being assisted by Malaysian students and the parents themselves.

He himself is also pursuing a doctorate course at Southampton University. (Bernama)

***** Perhaps this is the first step in 'exporting' the Malaysian education system to the world! (God save the world). By the way was the
RM21,000 contribution by Shafie from his own pocket or courtesy of the taxpayer?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously UMNO wants to ensure that even the Malaysian kids who are fortunate enough to be overseas, do not get the benefit of a proper broad and open minded form education, but are indoctrinated and brainwashed in UMNO sponsored (or perhaps by Malaysian tax payers money commandeered by UMNO?) mediocre Bahasa Malaysia language Malaysian, 'do as you are told', 'follow the leader', 'do not think for yourself' type of schools. I really hope that the parents have more sense than to send their kids to such 'dumb & dumber' Malaysian schools.

9:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't one of the purposes of studying overseas to broaden one's horizons ?

4:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous BrightEyes said...

God forbid the children of Malaysians abroad be allowed to study in heathen infidel schools! They might learn ideals like racial, gender, religious understanding & equality, social democracy, transparency, and separation of church and state!

Worse, they might try to bring stuff like these back to Malaysia!

12:23 AM GMT+8  

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