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NEP Introduced Not To Discriminate Non-Malays, But To Uplift Malays After 400 Years Of Colonisation, Says Najib!

The government's introduction of the New Economic Policy (NEP) was not to discriminate the non-Malays but to uplift the Malays who lagged behind after 400 years of colonisation, said Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"While they were under colonial rule, the Malays became a people with low self-esteem and lacked confidence, and with most living in poverty.

"Then the government introduced the NEP with the aim of uplifting the Malays to be able to compete with the other races who were doing better economically.

"So, if there's anyone who says that the NEP has discriminated the non- Malays, then we can say that we are correcting the discrimination endured by the Malays during 400 years of colonisation," he said when opening the Jerai Umno divisional delegates' meeting here today.

Najib who is also Deputy Prime Minister, said without the NEP, the Malays might still be "destitutes in their own land" today.

He said the Chinese and Indians were generally not against the NEP but were rather unhappy with its implementation.

"Therefore, we had to improve the NEP's implementation because if it becomes acceptable to all, it would create a peaceful and just society," he added and criticised the leader of an opposition party who now condemned the NEP but was championing it when he was in Umno and holding a post in government.

Najib also wanted the Malays to reject the struggles of PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat which he said could not bring progress and success to the Malays.

He said PAS' struggle was irrelevant to the Malays as it had failed to prove that it could enhance the greatness of Islam, while its 17 years of ruling Kelantan had not brought development to the east coast state.

"There's no party other than UMNO which could ensure the progress and achievements of the Malays, as well as uphold the sanctity of Islam and bring about a civilisation pillared by Islam in this country," he added. (Bernama)

***** Well! To be honest, I simply don't know what to say after that claim. However one must wonder I suppose if the above reasons mean that the NEP would be around for the next 400 years more!

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Blogger delphi said...

The flaw in this argument is that, even if the malays were discriminated in their own country for 400 years, it was not the Chinese or Indians who discriminated against them. It was the Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonial masters who did it. Why then, penalise or punish the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia by the NEP. After all, the Chinese and the Indians were also discriminated by the colonial masters.

This is another example of Najib’s faulty logic.

Is there an inference that the NEP should continue for 400 years?

What the non malays did not complain about the NEP is because they accepted it’s main objectives, that is, the eradication of poverty irrespective of race or creed and also they understood that it was agreed that there was to be a time frame for the policy. Neither of these promises was fulfilled by the UMNO government. Their present objection is not only its wrong implementation. That is the easy excuse. The complaint is that it has only benefitted the UMNOputras. If the others have benefited at all, it was only the crumbs after the UMNOputras have gorged themselves of the country’s wealth. The deeper complaint is that the UMNO government has ignored the main platform of the NEP policy which is the eradication of poverty for ALL races and creeds.

Again, it has to be emphasised, if the malays form the majority of the poor, then a policy which benefits the poor of ALL races will benefit the malays most. A policy which uplifts the poor irrespective of race and creed will logically benefit the malays the most. A policy which uplift the malays only will, as shown, lead to corruption of the malays as a whole and benefit only the UMNOputras. It will also lead to disaffection by the oppressed and deprived people of the UMNO government.

12:26 AM GMT+8  
Blogger delphi said...

Najib said, Quote

“He said PAS' struggle was irrelevant to the Malays”

PAS wants to establish an Islamic state. They have so far not succeeded.

Why does the UMNO constantly say that they are different form PAS on this point. They are no different from PAS as according to Najib UMNO has established an Islamic state. If fact, they have done better than PAS on this point.

Will the other BN parties, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the East Malaysian parties in the BN please take note of this and explain the non difference between PAS and UMNO on this point.

12:35 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Rauff said...

There was a movie once titled The Never Ending Story. Sounds so true for this situation.

4:14 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That's what I think of Najib's logic... an utter joke.

So basically from what I understand, the NEP is in place to correct the discrmination against the Malays for 400 years of injustice...

Then what about the Chinese and Indians who were brought here by the Colonials? How many Chinese and Indians died on the ships that came to Malaysia to build it up? How many more died when they were working here due to the attrocious working environment, the bugs that carried disease here in Malaysia.

WHERE'S THEIR 400 YEARS OF REDEMPTION!?!?!?!?!? So with the NEP we're basically going to wait for a non-malay government to finally rear it's head, considering that all's fair during election and no parties play foul, maybe the non-malays will have a policy that goes for 800 years just to correct the wrong that has been done to them...

Are our leaders really losing their mental capabilities?

- The Critic -

9:11 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I 'short' or am I dumb?

9:24 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malays colonise for 400 years? must re read my history books. can someone enlighten me. dont trust words of politicians.

11:24 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Trashed said...

Is this another of Najib's revisionist theories ?

First, the secualr state issue and now 400 yrs of discrimination ?

11:26 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything is ponderable to hijacking....lorries, containers, even policies for the benefit of the powerful minority. best described them as political poltergeists.

1:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are really getting sick and tired of all these broken records....keeps repeating year in and year out as the country continues to rot. Voters shopuld make it a point to throw out all these broken records....not for re-cycling or re-used. For good riddance.

1:41 PM GMT+8  

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