Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If Nazri Becomes Prime Minister. A Doomsday Scenario Glimpse

Of all the specimens in the current Malaysian Cabinet none has the propensity to so firmly put both feet in his mouth than the infamous Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz.

His latest diatribe against Malaysian bloggers is merely a continuation of a long list of ludicrous 'achievements' in a political career marked by one controversial rant after another. To be fair, no one has been spared his sledgehammer fulmination, including Dr Mahathir himself when he was the PM. As the then Umno Youth Chief, Nazri made some particularly strong comments which he later was forced to retract when he was condemned for being biadap by the same old farts who now cheer him on in Parliament. But Nazri apparently didn't learn his lesson from that episode and went on to continue ranting and raving at the drop of a one sen coin. Among the many 'highlights' is his notorious "bloody racist" remark in Parliament.

Just imagine if this chap were to become Prime Minister. What would happen to our beloved country? The most obvious repercussion will be of course the total obliteration of that irritating nuisance called 'free speech' which is mainly responsible for inciting racial hatred, seditious questioning of the NEP, raising doubts on the country being an Islamic state, making unfounded accusations that many politicians are totally corrupt and casting doubt on the sincerity of the government which in reality is 'struggling' for the equitable treatment and progress of 100% of the population. This 'free speech' irritant is also indirectly responsible for the low morale of the civil service which in turns makes them inefficient and for the high price of fuel, utility tariffs and a whole range of consumer products.

A major inconvenience that must go in a Nazri administration-ruled Malaysia are the disloyal anarchists who form the opposition here. For too long have they been allowed to speak untruth after untruth and spread vile rumours about the public and personal lives of our pemimpin, even to the extent of maliciously accusing them of making hundreds of millions in kickbacks, amassing wealth and property here and abroad, assiduously encouraging cronyism, ruthlessly playing off one section of the population against the other for their own ends and a hundred other blatant lies. Remove the powers of the opposition by depriving them of any parliamentary and state seat. Better still pass legislation reserving all seats for the ruling party until the government is convinced that the opposition can behave responsibly and if that means changing the constitution or temporarily ignoring certain provisions, so be it.

Perhaps serious thought should also be given to rooting out mavericks and adventurists in the Judiciary who are seen as giving the government and by extension the country a bad name. Those judges who out of sheer ignorance of the law or an unhealthy obsession with so-called impartial verdicts could be prematurely retired or forced to face a 'refurbished' Tribunal which will function as speedily and efficiently as a one-stop centre.

There are obviously many other welcome changes and reforms that Nazri may undertake as PM. The above is merely a glimpse.

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Another Potential PM speaks out: Website Operators, Journalists Not Above The Law.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, are you saying the sun will rise from the west and set in the East. All the snow shall melt in the North and South Pole. All the men shall wear skirts and vice versa. And Hilter shall rise from his grave to resurrect Nazism!!


2:21 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Sharina said...

Malay Nazism in the making.

2:21 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Rauff said...

If it happens (Owh I will pray so hard that it will not)....we are better off being communist led or still be under British rule.

3:35 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that the "r" out from his name and what do you get? so, do you blame him for his propensity with uncouth remarks?

6:19 PM GMT+8  

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