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Do You Think We Harbour Islamic Separatists/Terrorists/Freedom Fighters?

National oil corporation Petronas today denied a news report that it has employed a wanted southern Thai separatist, Sapaeing Basoe, reports Bernama.

"That is not true. We don't employ consultants or any people of that sort. We don't even know him," its president Tan Sri Hassan Marican told reporters here.

The Thai Post newspaper report, among others, claimed that Sapaeing was living comfortably in Malaysia working as Petronas advisor with a salary of about RM10,000 a month.

Thai authorities have accused Sapaeing of being the leader of the National Revolution Front, a separatist group launched more than three decades ago by religious leaders who were told by then Thai strongman Field Marshal Sarit Thanarath to close their pondok or Islamic schools.

***** The regularity with which the name of Malaysia comes up in connection with either supporting or harbouring Muslim separatists and terrorists in the region is somewhat disturbing. Perhaps since we are perceived to be an Islamic nation, the eye of suspicion is on us. If that be so how come Indonesian authorities are spared the ignominy of now and then denying that they are involved in the internal affairs of Muslims citizens of other South-East Asian countries? In the past, our government had been compelled to deny several times of our involvement in the affairs of Thailand and the Philippines and a few months ago DPM Najib had to reassure our neighbours that
Malaysia Will Not Compromise With Militant Groups.

As recently as late March this year our Prime Minister had to come out with a denial and rejection of any inference of involvement in the Muslim unrest in Thailand when suspected insurgents detained in a raid in the southern province of Narathiwat were found to be carrying Malaysian currency.

There is no doubt that Singapore too views us as big trouble, as far as Islam and anything related with it is concerned. With Indonesia, Thailand or Philippines they are more worried about clandestine groups from these countries working in cahoots with Singapore Muslims. The equation changes when dealing with security issues involving Malaysia, where covert official involvement from across the causeway can never be ruled out.

Now getting back to the question, what is your opinion? Do you think we harbour Islamic separatists/terrorists/freedom fighters?
I personally don't think we do.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally think we do. Several of the 9-11 hijackers met in secret in KL before going on to New York.

"Malaysia was a primary operational launchpad for the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Newsweek magazine reported, citing secret FBI data. The war against terrorism didn't start in Washington on September 11th. It has been ongoing in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines to name some of the most affected South East Asian countries for years before."

1:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do these separatists, terrorists and freedon fighters carry a placard walking along streets publicising they are such? Commonsense tells us, "no". None of the ordinary Malaysians or the officialdom have the guarantee that this nation "unknowingly" harbors them. So the answer is that neither this government is known to be competent in monitoring 24 hours, 365 or 366 days to ensure these people are not in the country. These people are highly professional and competent versus a less professionable and credible government. The answer is obvious.

3:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The official policy craves for tourists and foreign labor coming into the country. Who cares whether they are all terrorists, separatists or freedom fighters. Until another tragic incident, and you bet the officials will run around like hot ants reacting to a disturbed nest, looking for them. This is ad hoc policy or fire fighting style this administration is infamous for. Yes, we want tourist dollars by the billions! We want labor to do our donkey chores! National security? What is it?

4:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an intellectual who has left Malaysia because I personally think we do, and it makes me sad. Our formal PM seems to be very sympathetic with terrorist acts, and he feels that they behave this way because they are being oppressed. But... in one way or another many peoples in this world are being oppressed! oppression are very much depends on one's expectation! For god sake, some fellow Malaysians are being oppressed in our own country as well! But they never launch any terrorist attack! To me any terrorist act is wrong and should be dealt with in the most extreme manner to make sure we can have the freedom which we once enjoyed.

I hope Malaysia will make her stance clear when come terrorism, and should never be sympathetic in anyway. I grew up in Malaysia, it is a country blessed with many beautiful wonders and peoples, I hope one day Malaysia will be righteous when come to international stance, be critical when come to international issues, and not simply supporting whatever acts that other Islamic countries are executing.

11:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does the Buddhist in Bali or Christian in Sulawesi ever do to the Muslim? Why are the terrorist bombing those place and kill hundreds? Why is Malaysian government feel that it is a lost when the UTM lecturer was captured? That only shows that the government does condone terrorism!

11:50 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Asian Mongrel said...

Sorry, but I just couldn't let this one go. The first Anonymous is wrong. The hijackers did NOT meet in KL...this is now acknowledged, even in the US, as being US propaganda. Remember too that incident of anthrax in the US being supposedly posted from Malaysia? Another lie. From the sounds of things, the anthrax was from a US scientist with his own axe to grind.
And, Newsweek??? Gimme a break. You might as well quote "Time" magazine for equivalent credibility. Sheesh!
As someone with an intense interest in Asian Politics, I can say that I feel it is Indonesia that is a bigger harbour of Muslim extremists. And, really, this is more about the hopelessness of the environment among lower wage-earners than down to pure religious fervour.
Not to take anything from Muslim extremists, :) but we see the same thing in every country where you have a disenfranchised lower-class. ETA isn't Muslim, neither is the LTTE, neither were the Branch Davidians or the IRA (remember them, folks?). But they had specific grievances and felt that they could use their religion as a way of funnelling their discontent.
For interested readers, a way of reading how societal vulnerability plays out one way in the United States is described in "Deer-Hunting with Jesus" by Joe Bageant. Look it up on Amazon. It's a different take on the same ole, perennial problem.

11:56 AM GMT+8  

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