Thursday, June 28, 2007

EU Bans All Indonesian Airlines From Its Airspace

All Indonesian airlines including national carrier Garuda will be banned from flying to the European Union within a week, the European Commission said on Thursday, updating a "blacklist" of carriers deemed unsafe.

Indonesian carriers do not currently fly to Europe so the ban is also a warning to the 27-nation EU's consumers and travel agencies not to use the country's airlines, an EU official said.

"European citizens should avoid flying with these carriers," the official said. "They are really unsafe."

Angola's TAAG Angolan Airlines and Volare Aviation Enterprise of Ukraine would also be banned, the EU executive said. Ten Russian airlines, six from EU member Bulgaria and eight from Moldova will cease operations within the bloc.

***** Given Indonesia's dismal aviation record, I don't think that even the Indons would be surprised by this EU move. A ban like this has far reaching consequences beyond the borders of the European Union. I don't envisage many South-East Asians, including Malaysians and Singaporeans flying even Garuda anymore if they can help it.

This is the price they have to pay for poor staffing, recruitment of incompetents, atrocious maintenance and irresponsible lack of accountability. It would take a miracle for any Indonesian airline to regain the confidence of the average international traveler. Somewhere in this episode lies a very pertinent lesson for Malaysia.

Read the entire report HERE.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, undertake an insight study into the governance of Indonesia and compare with the prevailing governance in this country and you will find our nation is rapidly deteriorating. We now share much similar characteristics of the type of culture and governance of Indonesia. No wonder, our leadership loves our neighbor, such as few examples like no drastic action against their irritating haze, opening doors to their citizens and protecting them like blood brothers. But the sad truth one day will emerge, we will perform in many aspects worse off than Indonesia. And there are many symptoms illustrating our nation is moving towards a scenario worse off than the characteristics of the Indonesians. A weak maintenance culture, mob culture, violent prone religious zealots, and accepted norm of corruption, racialism etc. It all points to the failings and frailing of a national leadership sharing common characteristics. It's saddening.

10:59 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

Indonesia's aviation industry has a very bad history of poor maintenance discipline, poor training, cutting corners on procedures and no accountability and consequences for those who fail to perform. These characteristics are also widespread in Indonesian society as a whole.

Malaysia started off from a stronger base, but many of these negatives are becoming a common theme in Malaysia as well. Someday, we could end up exporting maids and manual workers as well.

12:41 PM GMT+8  

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