Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another Barisan Nasional Sandiwara?

Yesterday Bernama carried this 'Semuanya OK on the Indian front' report:
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today the government would look into a proposal submitted by the MIC to help improve the lot of the Indian community in the education and economic sectors.

"We have made some special provisions for the Indian community before. Datuk Seri Samy (Vellu) also made some additional suggestions during a meeting just now and that has been forwarded to me.

"I stated at the assembly to bring the matter to the Cabinet for the proposal to be implemented," he told reporters after opening the 61st MIC General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), here.

Abdullah was commenting on the proposal submitted by the MIC to the government three weeks ago for the upliftment of the Indian community in the education and economic sectors.

The proposal was submitted by MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Asked on the progress of efforts to achieve the target of three per cent Indian equity by 2010, Abdullah said the Indian community has "to work very hard" to achieve the target. Currently, the Indian share of the equity is reported to be around 1.3 per cent.
***** Just for how many more years is Samy Vellu, and for that matter the Barisan leadership, especially the Umno top brass going to continue this annual sandiwara? Without fail, prior to and at every MIC AGM, Samy Vellu will reel out the same mantra using key words like "Cabinet, Prime Minister, proposals, Indian corporate share, looking into, very concerned, grateful" etc etc. and at the end of the day nothing is done and no concessions or so-called special provisions are made. The moment the PM leaves the AGM venue everything is forgotten and the average, poor Indian is left to his own devices to eke out a living sometimes in dreadful conditions of near apartheid and slavery only to be reminded at the next AGM how fortunate they all are to have such a caring Umno leadership and efficient MIC president! In the interim they are sometimes treated worse than dogs and Federal ministers either speak of them publicly as dark-skinned low class people or spit their racist venom as did a former lunkhead of an Education Minister while visiting Ukraine when his chauvinistic eyes spied many Indians studying medicine there.

While the neo-Maharajah Samy Vellu lords it over the MIC rank and file and ministry underlings in KL, his country cousins are living pitifully in bandaraya flats, slums and ghettos. That is the stark reality facing these most loyal of Barisan voters who unfailingly cast their lot with the ruling party only to be shafted, day in and day out, by the same ingrates whom they voted into power. Maybe there is logic and method to this racist madness which keeps them uneducated, uninformed and in perpetual dire straits. Perhaps people who are too busy trying to just survive aren't too discerning when exercising their electoral responsibilities.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many centuries ago, in a faraway country call Hoodlumland, a prime minister and two of his ministers were in a helicopter surveying a piece of land for a development project. The ministers were Smarto Vollo and Linganoo. Suddenly the helicopter developed engine problem. The pilot regrettably told the passengers, "I'm sorry there is only one parachute for the three of you, so two got to sacrifice." Linganoo immediately offered one parachute to the prime minister but he rejected and Smarto Vollo got the parachute. Fortunately the helicopter made a safe landing near a river. Both the PM and Linganoo got out to find Smarto Vollo drowning in a river but soon a Indian saved him. So impressed the PM told the Indian, "We want to reward you my friend, you are brave." The Indian's face gone pale and white, screaming, " Sir, don't, if the Indians find out, they will kill me.!" (Just AJoke)

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