Friday, April 20, 2007

KL City Hall Super Quick To Demolish Squatter Homes And Temples But NOT This Restaurant! Why?

From The Malay Mail:

City Hall has denied any hanky-panky in the delay to demolish a restaurant in Jalan Datuk Keramat after yet another postponement. “There is no hanky-panky,” said a City Hall spokesman referring to the delay in demolishing Seri Villa seafood restaurant.

He stressed that City Hall would demolish the restaurant the soonest possible since the issue has been dragging since last year. “But procedures are procedures and it has to be adhered to,” said the spokesman. “Nobody can make a unilateral decision, not even the department director or the officer-in-charge of the area.

“A committee headed by Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Ab Halim Borhan will have to decide,” said the spokesman. He added that Ab Halim had fixed the coming meeting to discuss the fate of the illegal eateries.

Ab Halim, who is in Australia, said he was not aware of what had happened. “I will be back on Monday and will get feedback on the situation before I comment,” he said.

The Malay Mail reported yesterday that the owners of the eatery did not honour their promise to demolish the illegal structures. Last Thursday, a City Hall team had gone to demolish the eatery but decided to believe the owners’ words that they would tear it down themselves. City Hall later discovered that the owners had only demolished three huts which were part of the structures.

The lack of action has baffled residents who have been protesting against the illegal eateries which have been operating for the past few years.

City Hall town planning North Area 3 officer Nor Janah Affandi had said that the inaction was the final straw and the council would not tolerate another excuse. Nor Janah also said that City Hall had allowed the illegal eateries to operate until a decision was made at next month’s meeting.

***** Don't you get cheesed off reading time and again about such blatant favoritism? On the one hand, poverty stricken squatters are treated worse than dirt by city hall gangsters who demolish their ramshackle abodes the very second legal hurdles are removed, sometimes even before that. No mercy shown or appeal considered for some more time. Just evict and destroy, with the police on stand-by to arrest any desperate squatter who disagrees or protests. On the other hand we have this 'ever considerate' side of City Hall enforcers, who are willing to delay taking action for almost a year against those who have brazen disregard for rules and who with impunity build illegal structures which persist even till now, despite the numerous complaints of affected residents.

Why is this bias being allowed to continue without any action? My guess is,
A) Dirty, corrupt politician is behind the delay.
B) Dirty, corrupt high ranking official is on the take.
C) A & B
D) All of the above and more.

Take your pick!

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Anonymous outsider said...

Vote in the coming General Elections to bring back local council elections. If the opposition say they will do this I will give them my vote.

7:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

get the damn police and RELA members ready for this demolition exercise. or these forces are only going to be used against the weak and the unconnected? ask those so-called squatters in Ampang the consequence if you are unconnected!

6:35 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why? Isn't it obvious?

Squatters & GOD do not grease palms!

4:29 PM GMT+8  

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