Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spending RM40,000 On A Seminar For 50 People Is Peanuts, Says Selayang Municipal Council President!

Of course that mother-of-all-wastrels, Selayang Municipal Council president Zainal Abidin Azim can say what he likes. After all it is not his hard earned money. It is the ratepayer's blood and sweat that he is squandering.

The gumption of that man is quite incredible. Among the gems in his statements:

1) The three-day, two-night stay at the Awana Golf and Country Resort for MPS councillors and department heads was a working trip aimed at fostering good ties.
2) A
ccommodation for the seminar was being provided on a twin-sharing basis, which showed that the council was prudent with its expenses.
“I don’t think spending RM40,000 on a seminar for 50 people can be considered an expensive venture!”

***** Why, I would like to know, is it that only in a luxury surrounding such as the
Awana Golf and Country Resort can good ties be fostered? Can it not be achieved at the workplace? Or does the 'fostering' require more 'conducive' surroundings like those purportedly used by a certain political pair?

Why spend forty thousand ringgit on a totally purposeless seminar which can be held at the council building itself? Will the president or the other monkeys calling themselves councillors have gone ahead with this luxury meeting if they had to bear the entire expense? Just because they have control over the ratepayers' money, do they have the guts to splurge like this. They are nothing but a bunch of greedy freeloaders and should be condemned as such.

Yesterday's related post here: Profligacy, Thy Name Is Selayang Municipal Council.

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Anonymous Dwayne Foong said...

It's not their money, that's why they are not reluctant to spend RM40,000 just like that.

heck, RM40,000 can feed a lot of orphans!

5:08 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Absolutely right Dwayne. The lack of proper supervision, accountability and governance are the prime reasons for this sort of financial misadventure.
I must also mention Dwayne that you have a great blog.

5:31 PM GMT+8  
Blogger prl said...

The issue is not whether the spending is "peanuts" or "extravagant".

It is simply whether the spending is justified, that is, whether it was necessary to arrange for the meeting at Awana at all?

5:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not really relevant to the issue but... why do you like to bold certain words in your posts? Sometimes the bolding seems rather arbitrary and pointless. For example, you just bolded Dwayne's name twice in your response to him.

11:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous dwayne foong said...

By the sounds of his lavish compliments, blind praise and bolding of his name, perhaps he is in love with me. Sorry, but I am already taken.

6:25 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Peanuts' because it is not nothing compared to the millions wasted to sponsor a Malaysian space tourist to play teh tarik in a Russian spacecraft.....

4:31 PM GMT+8  
Blogger toniXe said...

Being taken twice or thrice and boldly doesn't hurt... it can even b fun !

that aside, btw the selayang party is another clear case of misappropriation of funds and criminal breach of trust proceedings should be initiated, again if ( v r free )and theres nothing better else to do.

4:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

use the taxpayers' money cleverly.
they can use the money to repair some of the potholes in selayang.
but then again, playing golf is better than covering pothole with tarmac. isn't it?

5:00 AM GMT+8  

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