Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kedah Welfare Aid Recipients. Abandoned By The Government?

Several welfare aid recipients in Baling district said that they have not been paid the aid for the last three months. The recipients, including several disabled persons, told Bernama that they had met the district Welfare Department officer but were not given a satisfactory explanation.

Kedah Social Welfare Department Assistant Director Mohamed Hazam Ismail, when contacted, explained that the aid stopped because the department had run out of funds since last May. However, he expected more allocations next week and the payments would be made together with the arrears. He said only recipients of federal aid were affected.

***** Have we turned into another impoverished third world basket case, that we can't even make proper payments to the needy and disabled? Why should there be a shortage of funds for welfare recipients? Is the state government paying out in the millions monthly? After all most of this is funded federally isn't it? What have the welfare department pengarah and his staff been doing about this? How could they let these poor people suffer for more than four months?

One strong possibility is that the funds meant for the destitute have been diverted elsewhere. You see, although the designation, Pengarah, Jab. Kebajikan may be humble sounding, he is in fact the benevolent 'hand' of the menteri besar, providing the largesse from funds available in the name of the poor and given out at the whim and fancy of his political bosses provided the pengarah plays ball. The reward? A datukship, rapid promotion to a more senior post, shares in state-owned companies and trusts, directorship of several companies after retirement; the possibilities are endless.

In Kedah recently there were allegations of money being given out to Umno delegates to ensure Dr Mahathir's defeat at Kubang Pasu. I wonder how much of this welfare money went into financing that bribery effort? Also I'm sure that large sums of cold cash is required to 'facilitate' all kinds of wheeling and dealing by the state 'leaders.' What better source which no one can question than welfare funds and other such allocations meant for the desperately impoverished?

If you feel that all of the above is mere fanciful thinking, please think again. Our pemimpin are capable of this and more, and will stoop to even lower levels to achieve the aims of their perjuangan.


Blogger What A Lulu said...

1. like what you said, went to Projeck Kubang Pasu
2. billboards to welcome PakLah/Najib/whoever you want to bodek and ampu
and they say that the Penang Malays are marginalised. tsk! tsk!

12:12 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

What A Lulu, thanks for reminding me about the billboards. Yes, bodek and ampu seem to be the order of the day.

12:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shame !

Lacking of fund to aid the poors, yet spend RM 30 m to send someone to space to eat roti canai and drink teh tarik.

Want to spend RM 500 m to build sports complex in UK, what kind of nonsense is this ?

1:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:16 PM GMT+8  
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