Monday, June 26, 2006

Dr Mahathir Should Leave Umno, Says Nazri

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should leave Umno because he has colluded with the opposition and continued to criticise the government, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said Monday.

Declaring an "open war" on Dr Mahathir, Nazri said it was easier for him "to fight whatever allegations made by the former prime minister against the government if the latter is no longer in the party". "Now I'm still hesitant to oppose him because I still think of him as a former prime minister and former Umno president," Nazri told a news conference at the Parliament lobby here.The news conference was held to answer Dr Mahathir's latest criticisms made at a dialogue with the Malaysia Today portal, here last Saturday, which was also attended by many opposition leaders.

Will someone please tell Nazri that even if Mahathir is sacked from Umno he will still be the former PM and former Umno President. That unfortunately for him cannot be changed retrospectively. So his argument that only by removing him will he be able to take on Dr M holds no water. For a pipsqueak like Nazri to 'declare war' on Mahathir is not going to lead to any loss of sleep for the old tactician.

Nazri said it had never crossed Umno's mind to sack Dr Mahathir from the party. "I believe that the rumours that Umno would sack the former prime minister originated from him (Dr Mahathir) because he realised that his criticism of the government is a big offence. "I think he realises that what he has done is a big sin and is waiting to be sacked. We in Umno have never thought of sacking him. I guess he who tastes the chilli will feel the heat.

So it never occured to Nazri or the others to sack him! Despite all the inconvenience and barbed attacks by Mahathir they never wanted to sack him. What a great group of martyrs! Well ok, we'll take your word for it.

Nazri also criticised Dr Mahathir for trying to raise the issue of Abdullah's son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is the Umno Youth vice-head."Dr Mahathir is an experienced politician. We're not stupid to listen to Khairy. Dr Mahathir should know better and not 'fight' with someone who is 50 years his junior," he said.

So Nazri and the others are not stupid to listen to Khairy. I see. That can only mean that the rest of us who naively believed that KJ was the power behind the throne are the really stupid ones. Silly me. Sorry Nazri, I definitely got caught out this time when I was almost convinced that KJ was selling us out to Singapore. So tell me why then did Mahathir pinpoint KJ as the 'Rasputin'? The old man is senile perhaps? Or maybe he knows more than what you do?

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, in a statement, expressed the party's concern over the political storm involving Dr Mahathir and Abdullah which he said had "escalated into an intense conflict with the potential to undermine public peace and have adverse implications on the country's economy and image at the international level"."The people will suffer from this crisis," he said.

For once I completely agree with Hadi Awang. More power to you mate.


Anonymous sigma said...

Lol, actually, I feel better with less power to Hadi Awang :P

But back to the topic. Its hard to remember that Nazri can be so asquicient when serving under Dr M, but now has no qualms about belittling him.

Equally preplexing is the fact that an MP like Nazri can raise up so high in government to become a Cabinet Minister.

Food for thought on these issues.

11:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Billy said...

I thing for sure. I have no love for this Mahathir for bringing our country to this state of affairs. But in this current dispute between him and UMNO, Nazri is clearly seen as not following the age old Malay custom of respecting the elders, rightly or wrongly. Since this is a political issue, such statement should come from the PM and not from the subordinates. Something tells me something is going to boomerang, SOON!

7:31 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Waris Tok Naga said...

One must not forget that Nazri is a career politician. His outburst may appear foolish to some but the intended purpose was to acknowledge how serious this UMNO war is and asking all UMNO members to draw the line: ARE YOU WITH PAK LAH or TUN M?

Obviously, Nazri MUST choose Pak Lah since that ministerial post was created by Pak Lah and as a career politician, onside with the Power of Incumbency.

This declaration of war, unfortunately will get supporters on both sides quiet edgy and will force the fencesitters to make a stand ... and the plot thickens.

1:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact is even if Dr Mahathir is sacked or resigns from umno,
he is still the former president and a former prime minister.

3:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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