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Samy Vellu To Meet India's Leaders To Explain Our Situation. Isn't This Inviting Interference In Our Affairs Nazri?

According to a Bernama report the latest desperado in Malaysia's political landscape, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu claimed that he will be meeting Indian leaders, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to 'explain the real situation' concerning the Indian community in Malaysia.

Samy Vellu, who is also MIC president, said he would undertake a similar effort with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister S. Karunanidhi.

He said that in view of negative publicity arising from the Nov 25 illegal street demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur involving a group of Indian Malaysians, he would explain to the two leaders the 'actual position' of the Indian community in Malaysia.

He hoped to meet the Indian prime minister on the sidelines of the Pravasi Barathiya Divas 2008 conference beginning Jan 7 which is an annual gathering of people of Indian origin from all over the world. He would also meet the Tamil Nadu chief minister here within the next few days, he said.

Samy Vellu said it was not true that Indians in Malaysia were deprived of so many things and that many Hindu temples had been demolished arbitrarily.

"Some of the temples were demolished because of court orders as they were built illegally," he said, adding that many of the temples were 'relocated' to alternative sites.

He also said that the Malaysian government had 'created many opportunities' for Indian Malaysians and many were doing well in various fields.

Samy Vellu expressed hope that his explanation to the Indian government would clear up any misunderstanding over the issue.

***** Since when did Samy Vellu usurp the position of the High Commissioner for India to Malaysia? It is the duty of the Indian mission here to apprise their leaders in New Delhi about whatever is going on in our country and not the business of a Malaysian cabinet minister, whether he be of Indian origin or not.

If any official message is to be communicated, we have a full-fledged Malaysian high commission in Delhi staffed by experienced diplomats who can do the job far better than any sycophantic political specimen. Samy Vellu is not a mandore of some estate who has to report to his Tuan in Delhi with a latex cup in hand.

What does Nazri who had earlier cautioned a politician in India to "keep off" and not interfere in Malaysia's domestic affairs have to say about the subservient stance taken by Sam? Is this not an invitation for the government of India to meddle in our politics? Especially since the federal leadership at Delhi has already made it clear that they have no intention of involving themselves in what they consider a totally Malaysian problem? Shouldn't the voluble Nazri be screaming his head off and demanding that the traitor Samy Vellu be kicked out of Barisan? It won't happen because Nazri is a smalltime bully who generally avoids fights with anyone bigger than him.

Basically Sam is trying to make the best of a bad situation by attempting to elicit some sympathy from Indian leaders. After the brutal suppression of the Hindraf rally and the subsequent visit to India by one Hindraf's senior men, Samy Vellu's reputation and credibility in the motherland started dwindling and it was a matter of time before he lost all goodwill from the big guns in Delhi and Chennai.

Whoever holds the office of MIC president is in a fortunate position where Indian officialdom is concerned. Doors which normally are shut to the average citizen and even senior Malaysian cabinet ministers and officers are silently opened and the incumbent is treated with respect and dignity for he is considered as the highest representative of the Malaysian 'section' of the Indian diaspora and is invited to major functions and even exclusive family receptions and celebrations of Indian leaders. It is the Indian government's oft-stated policy that they will not interfere in our affairs and they firmly stick to that assurance. But they do have great concerns about Indians everywhere including the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and the citizens of foreign countries of Indian origin like Samy Vellu. And the leadership there is said to have deep ties with influential Indians here. The advantages and benefits enjoyed by a president of the MIC by being close to highly-placed Indian politicians is 'bounteous'.

Therefore one is not wrong in suspecting that Sam's request for appointments with the top leadership there (which is surely to be granted by virtue of his post) is a desperate damage control exercise intended to bolster his standing and keep intact the goodwill of the Tuan2 in India. It is definitely not due to any out-of-character altruistic intention or desire on his part.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami, no value, Vellu may as well save the taxpayers money and stay at home try to save his Snail River seat.
The Indian Government and the citizens of India are not going to believe his lies and distortions of the situation in Malaysia.
Unlike Malaysia, India is democratic, it does not have thin veneer of democracy, which is what Malaysia has.
Good bye no value SV,
You have far exceeded your useful life, and will soon be dumped and will be forgotten but will never ever be forgiven for your sins.

7:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucking Double Headed Snake!!!! Semi-Value, you should just fucking shut your arse, and retire. Hypocrit.

8:09 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samy Vellu Self Praising Himself As Champions of Indians

Again u c, utter rubbish being said by Uncle “Konvict” Semi-Value, just to maintain as the Godfather of the Indian Community. He wants to be the Head of the Feudal System. I guess he will vacate the seat only when he dies.

My question here is why does he need to thank the government. The government doesn’t have any concrete evidence to prove that the 31 Indian people had the intention to kill someone. Furthermore, it is understood that the case has been interpreted very narrrowly on racial grounds. Face it, Samy Vellu, u have squandered the lives of many Indians.

1) You should encourage all Indians to stop working as labourers in the estate.
2) You should tell Indians to stop the habit of studying fetish courses like medicine, law and engineering and move towards investment banking, financial analyst or entrepreneurship.
3) You should make Tamil a compulsory subject in the shchool to avoid all this tamil school crisis.
4)You should make the MIC presidentship a fixed maximum 10 years post, to enable more charismatic leader than you who have vision and far sighted growth to lead the Indian Community. This is unlike u, a 1970’s trapped leader.
5) You should let professionals to run MIC or allow a separate division of professionals to play a significant role. Let me tell u the top 10% of the cream of the Indian society are running away from MIC, because it lacks transparency, independency and more of a feudal like system.
6) Stop bringing your family members into MIC. Vel Paari, has no proper education. How can he run MAIKA. Hire a proper CEO, pay him properly, and I bet u would get proper dividend.
7)Indians are at present divided between those who come up from national school and those from tamil school. From a competitive level point of view, tamil schools are perceived lower in quality. Samy Vellu should make sure, that a special committee is set up to make sure that indians from tamil school are given equal chance of obtaining places in higher institution.
8) Encourage Indians to take up more professional courses like ACCA, CFA, Chartered architecture,etc. Dont concentrate on medicine, law, and engineering.
9) Encourage Indians to buy stocks, invest in investment vehicles, IPOs, bonds, derivative, etc. Why is ur strategy so conservative? You ask them to invest in MAIKA, but the equity has dropped below the intial paid up capital. That means for over 20 years, there was no growth but mere losses.

Samy, please think of the future of the indian community. Sacrifice urself for the betterment of the new generation of Indians. You have plundered the wealth of the Indians due to your own personal battle with Subra and Pandidthan. Remember, Indians are not bothered of ur personal fight, we are concerned with our fight for the Community.

8:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this guy for real? i dunno-lah. samy deserves an oscar.

it's no secret that MALAYSIANS are generally racists. come on, i dun have to come up with a file of evidence right? it's all around us.

except UMNO made it LEGAL to be racist! wow, another msian first? no, it's simply plagiarised apartheid.

8:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

slight correction.

when i said all malaysians are generally racist i mean they may tend to interpret the world through neat race compartments but that doesn't mean that they necessarily ACT on such prejudices.

nothing wrong with prejudices as it's only human to be bias due to a host of factors.

unless these thoughts translate into racially-motivated behaviour, acts or decisions that are not only far too but also dangerous, as we can see in countless examples of ethnic clashes throughout the world.

12:22 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess this SV is still around and spewing out alot of vemon is partly due to the apathy shown by by the educated Indians towards the choice of their leader..sad state of affairs. For those who were brave enough to stand up have landed up behind bars.There is a lesson here..your only recourse is the ballot box and you have seen the consequences of not exercising your vote wisely.

1:40 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough is enough!
These jokers will go on & on with their "sandiwara"!
This chance does not come often. When the General Elections come this time, let's ensure that these Racists are "kicked out"!
The Australians did it to Howard. Let's REALLY show Malaysia Boleh!

3:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the h*** that he wants to meet the Indian leaders to explain abt our situation. He is expecting them to support him in the next election. Maybe he needs the holidays to checks out his holy land!!!

Gosh SV should just pave way and if he really wants to help the Indian community, he should pay attention to our homeland.

Yes.. he will never retires.. do death do his part.

4:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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