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No Demolition Of Temples Without 'Thorough Check And Discussions'

In the wake of protests by ethnic Indians over the demolition of Hindu temples in Muslim- majority Malaysia, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has ordered continuous monitoring of all Hindu shrines, a move to assuage the feelings of the community alleging their marginalisation in the country.

The task of monitoring has been given to Works Minister Samy Vellu, who said no temple, whether legal or illegally built, will be demolished without a "thorough check and discussions" with his Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a component of the ruling coalition.

Badawi wanted him to submit a report on the status of the temples to the cabinet periodically and forward to him and the cabinet the list of any temple that may have to be demolished for various reasons, Vellu said in a statement today.

"As temples are sensitive matters, a new approach is necessary to resolve them and the MIC will take over this task completely," the MIC President said.

The Minister said he would travel to all the states soon to prepare a report on the number of temples in the country and their problems, which will be submitted to the Cabinet.

"We will identify the illegally-built temples first and check on their status. We want to know if there have been any moves or notices to demolish or relocate them," he said.

He said he would scrutinise all matters concerning temples with a view to ensure that no Hindu shrines were demolished in the future and if they had to be brought down then suitable alternative sites were allocated first.

"No temples, either legal or illegally built, will be demolished without a thorough check and discussions with the MIC," he said.

****** At a super glacial pace, the government has albeit with great reluctance, at last conceded a millimeter of culpability for temple demolitions and taking non-Muslim rights for granted. By ordering the 'continuous monitoring of all Hindu shrines', the government is indirectly attempting to restrain the more rabid among Umno's politicians like that snake of Indonesian origin, Toyol as well as fanatically predisposed civil servants from stirring further pent-up ill-will accumulating within the very substantial non-Muslim population in Malaysia.

But my question is this. Why should Samy Vellu be the one to announce this decision? Isn't Pak Lah the Prime Minister for all Malaysians? Or does he consider himself only responsible for the Malays and therefore will refer publicly to decisions which matter to bumis only? Or perhaps if he does make the announcement it might be seen as 'weakness' in the eyes of Muslim ultras and as selling out the Malays. This way he can always deny any or all parts of Samy Vellu's claims.

If this issue is considered an important matter, and it surely is, the appropriate person to inform the public is Pak Lah and not some half has-been who for his own political survival may wilfully add and subtract to the actual decision taken by the Cabinet.
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Blogger K P VARAN said...

Since the comment did not come from the Prime Minister himself, we can safely assume that this is a gimmick or some strategy to tie the Damocles sword round the head of the Speaker in this case and let him drown in his own - whatever it is. Surely one man or the entire MIC can stop the legal breaking down of a temple. Then they may be going against the law which the rabid officials would want to hastily implement even with the resource of chemical laced water cannons at their back - or front.

Today, we can see the debacle going on in Sabah. The Christians and the Chinese are already being alienated not only in Sabah but also in Sarawak and the Peninsula. There is no Chinese coffee shop where Sabah is now not discussed. The Chinese are more wily than the HINDRAF crwod to get themselves far away from the loot which the politicians will eventually be passing down to them in more than one way.

Take my word for it. The demolition of temples will go on. The PM's word is meaningless as the past has proven. He may perhaps not be in Malaysia at the appropriate time and Mr Samy will be in the doldrums. Penang on 23rd December 2007 must be enough for him for the time being. Poor man. In fact many of us feel sad for him that in his last days that he is not going down with stars and glory.

The rabid fanaticism is not going to stop until every single temple is pulled down to the last stone or brick. The IDES OF MARCH has sp[oken.

8:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is probably below the PM to see to this matter so he puts his "kadam" Semi Value to see to it!
If it were not for HINDRAF they would not have given this slight concession!
Looks like they should release the 5 HINDRAF Leaders now that they have "unwittingly" admitted that they are destroying Hindu Temples!

9:36 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take that comes with a pinch of salt.These are all long overdue.It could be an election gimmick.Just know that as long as the hindraf 5 are held under isa.The votes goes for the opposition only.They gave their lives for us.can we let them down....dont get carried away by all these gimmick

10:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Semi Value, your problem is "SEMUA SAYa AKAN BUAT!!! TAPI SEMUA TAK BOLEH BUAT BAIK- BAIK!!!" Bodoh punya orang.

Hang, Bodohwi and Boh-ONG Ka TIng, semua Giler Kuasa. Otak tak de gune. Satu orang agama, satu arkitek, satu cikgu sama-sama merogol kekayaan negara.

Itu orang Indon giler babi namanya Khir Toyol, memaang akan masuk neraka. Kononnya, dia rasa sedih. Muka tak tau malu, nak kate sedih.

Mufti Perak, lagi seorang penyanggak bodoh. Berfikiran macam orang batu. Orang Melayu tak patut pergi ke rumah orang KAfir. HYPOCRIT BABI!!!!!.

Itu Nik Aziz, nak hantar Kelantan he zaman Padang Pasir. Hahahah. ASyik cakap perempuan cantik tak patut dapat kerja. Pi mampui orang tua. Cakap macam orang bodoh.

Lepas itu Khairry Jamaluddin, seorang lagi racist giler babi. Bak kata pepatah melayu, Melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya. Anak ni, perangai dia macam toyol. Muda lah sudah jadi racist, apa kata, umur dia jadi 40, mungkin dia ikut jejak HITLER "untuk ethnic cleansing". Dia ade gaya nak benda terkutuk.

Nazri, ketua penyanggak. Babi betul. Berkelulusan peguam, dia cakap macam seorang pariah yang asyik makan belacan. "Pondan!!!Penyanggak!!! Mahathir kata," Booo!!!! kat dia, mesti dia lari kelam kabut.

Hishammuddin pulak cakap macam beruk!! Bila dia angkat keris tak de masalah. Tapi bile orang lain kata sesuatu, dia mengamuk. Racist hypocrit.

Umno, pi mampoi. BN baliklah.

Dulu, aku sokong BN kerana prinsip toleransi. Sekarang hampe, sudak jadi tamak. Haloba!!!!

BN mesti kalah teruk kali ini dalam pilihan raya.

2:05 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Chicken Ball said...

Hindraf had achieved their goal!
MIC had been very late!

6:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Samy Vellu?

Even IF PM wants to monitor the temples, he should have formed a committe consisting of others not the moron Samy Vellu. He doesn't care about indians here. all he is interested is himself and his worthless son. He's been cheating the indians for past 2+ decades.

Besides, the temple issue is just one of the many things Indians are not happy about.

how about equal opportunity? That is more serious if you ask me.

What a cluster%^&*.

8:25 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another promise made by MIC on April 1. Remmeber Lunas? Remember MAIKA?
take on the bright side, if there is no HINDRAF, there is no such promise though its another April 1, promise. After election, we are ( those who are believers of such spins) all FOOLS again.

11:12 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The MIC has not done anything for the Indians all this while. Further to this, where was Semi Value when the Temples were being destroyed?
And yes, add to this the MAIKA scandal.
The Elections are coming around lah. That's why all this "we care for the well-bing of the Indians BS"! And add to the insult, Semi Value is put in charge of it!
When will this "sandiwara" end?

3:18 PM GMT+8  

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