Thursday, November 22, 2007

ACA Closes Probe Into Ex-CM Osu Sukam’s RM28 Million Debts. Why Am I Not Surprised?

The Anti-Corruption Agency has closed investigations into former Sabah chief minister Tan Sri Osu Sukam’s gambling debts amounting to RM28mil as there was insufficient evidence.

Movement for Democracy and Anti-Corruption (Gerak) chairman Ezam Mohd Nor said the ACA had informed him that it could not trace the source of the money Osu used during his gambling spree in various overseas casinos.

“When I told them that such a high debt was enough to prosecute, I was told that it was difficult to verify the source of the money,” he said.

Ezam, who went to see ACA investigations director Mohd Shukri Abdull yesterday for updates on several cases that Gerak had reported over the years, was briefing pressmen on the outcome of the meeting.

Osu allegedly accumulated the huge debt with a casino in Britain between February and November 2002, but according to a report had somehow succeeded in repaying some RM21mil of the RM28mil debt. (The Star)

***** Bloody hell! The same old
'insufficient evidence' bullshit by the ACA. Yet these very buggers in the ACA, out on a witch hunt, could easily trace that the former Sabah police commissioner Datuk Ramli Yusoff had diverted a police aircraft for his personal use.

Osu Sukam's reputation and misdeeds precede him and by right there should have been no problem at all in nailing this corrupt bastard. Why should it have been so difficult to find out where he got the millions to feed his addiction for gambling?

This surrender by the ACA to the Umno leadership will only encourage our Hadhari practising pemimpin to make hundreds of millions more secara haram and use it for non-halal purposes. That big buaya sitting pretty in Kota Kinabalu must be smiling happily. If an idiot like Osu can get away with it, then there is no problem for the wily fox.
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Blogger Monsterball said...

A public official with a fixed salary who is unable to explain a large amount of assets under his control, is sufficient grounds for prosecution. Heck, they can even go after him for income tax evasion, if they really want to.
Never mind how you earned the RM 28 Million. You didn't declare the income to LHDN...

This is just BS to let him off the hook, the way Mat Tyson was let off for the USD $ 1 Million in his suitcase in Australia.

12:35 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit, simple as they charged ramli. failure to declare his assets truthfully!
how did this fella obtain the RM21 million. get him to declare the source and nail him on this point.
by the way, didnt the same agency throw the book at a lawyer in similar manner. the lawyer who is not even being investigated for corruption, thought that he is knowledgable of the law, declined to provide the information as requested. what happened to him. he was nailed at his office, handcuffed to embarras him and put in lock up overnight.
i dont have to teach the ACA fellas on how to do the job, do I? or as your article suggested, selective persecution and application of the law on those who are against the interest of UMNO and gang?
may be its time to put someone to investigate the investigator, no?

1:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very much ok for umnoputra to have dubious income, even you and I know where it comes from, ACA and BN government just don't give a damn. It's pretty much a M-Boleh spirit.

7:04 PM GMT+8  

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