Monday, June 25, 2007

Thierry Rommel Should Be Given A British Knighthood

For too long has our government been getting away practically unnoticed, unremarked and unchastised for relentlessly pursuing a course of ruthless apartheid, in the form of the Never Ending Policy (NEP). By right, Malaysia should have long ago been classified as a pariah nation joining the ranks of other evildoers of the 20th century.

But our government was lucky. Small inconsequential countries like ours usually escape the oversight of powerful nations. As long as we kept our peace, regularly took part in international conferences and our leaders paid friendly visits to western capitals, no one was really too concerned or cared about what was going on in this developing 'Muslim' country.

Then suddenly out of the blue appeared this one-man Panzer-Division packing the wallop of an Arsenal striker, who momentarily sent our pemimpin2 into a state of dazed disbelief. Thierry Rommel had arrived. And hopefully here to stay. The white Messiah, with balls as big as Mercedes hubcaps, grabbed the racist bull by the horns, stripped it of its layers of legal protection (sedition) and laid it bare for the whole world to see and cringe in horror. For right there in the backyard of democratic nations, was this tiny anomaly called Malaysia where abominable racist practices and abuses of human rights, were even now taking place with glee, pride and a measure of gay abandon.

I say honour this man's courage. Our kerajaan definitely won't. In fact our foreign minister has threatened to summon him over his 'irresponsible' remarks on the NEP. Of course that is just another government sandiwara for local consumption, as they fully well know that there is precious little they can do to him or make him retract his perfectly accurate findings.

Not to be left behind was the notorious keris-waving Umno youth chief, Hishamuddin who accused Rommel of arrogance and attempted to justify the continuation of the Never Ending Policy with the same old lame, tame, untenable excuse -
"our historical and development background."

The British should give this chap an honorary knighthood or two. Her Majesty can rest assured that no other country or people will protest the award. No Arab or other Islamic nation will come out against the honour, for they too, like the rest of the civilized world, have a great aversion for mistreating and discriminating fellow human beings.
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An interesting read: Najib Reminds Malays Of The Glokal Concept.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thierry Rommel should not only be knighted by Britain, but should also receive the "Saifullah" award from Osama ben Laden for courage and fairness

1:22 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, there is a Cantonese saying, literally that"even dead corpse need a cosmetic make-up." This perfectly suits the type of BN government we are having. It needed much "face-saving" like a dead corpse. Trees need a bark so this government is crazy about its image. Substance no longer matters.

2:21 PM GMT+8  
Blogger backStreetGluttons said...

for writing this article we should give you a Knighthood too ( who cares about those less than 1 sen Datukships )

3:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,cool cool blog, man. I'm so glad that i bumped into this blog by accident a couple of weeks ago. Since then, not a day goes by without me visiting your blog to read your take on the happenings in bolehland. Keep up the good work.
And a big CHEERS to Thierry Rommel.

8:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AGREED !!!!!

I just wish more foreign diplomats have the gut to point out the silly business of NEP to the world. Hope someday the issue is brought up at some big forums.

8:39 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Replace NEP with SSP (Social Security Policy), a plan which helps all poor and unemployed Malaysians. Tax the successful to finance this scheme. Stop subsidising unfit students and allow all good students to enroll in Universities. When some of them are successful in life they should give back. It is better to have social security than to be umemployed graduates.

1:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very well written blog, just love the beautiful floweriness English being use.

Well what can we say on our pemimpim2, which is more like pemimpi2.

These pemimpi or Baboon never realize that the rest of the world is moving on while, we still talking about protecting certain dominating racist, gangster, cowboy party. Still don't get the hint which party? The name start with with U end with O and like Keris very much and used it occasionally to threaten the rest of it's coalition partner.

Lastly I apologize for comparing these pemimpi2 for comparing them to the Baboon.

I mean Baboon can be so much intelligent than these pemimpi2....

I may have make myself confusing here, so this is the summary of my post:

1. Baboon are more intelligent than the so called pemimpin2.

2. Baboon does not equal pemimpim2, Baboon are better than these people. Not clear? refer to item 1.

12:18 AM GMT+8  

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