Sunday, June 24, 2007

Najib Should Now Warn NST Not To Meddle In Our Affairs

How DARE they! How dare the New Straits Times even hint that we are depriving good non-Bumi students from getting into local universities! A bloody stupid EU diplomat who makes uncalled for remarks on the justifiably equitable Never Ending Policy, marked by due consideration for natural justice, can be forgiven for being ignorant of the true situation here in this absolutely fair land of ours. But the NST doing the same and highlighting lies about our unprejudiced and impartial system? Unforgivable! Read of the untruths by this newspaper.
Even with her 3.57 CGPA and a gold certificate commending on her academic performances, Mala (not her real name) was not a happy student. For, despite her excellent results, the polytechnic student did not get any place at the public universities to study hotel management.

Yesterday, the hotel management diploma student was seen going around with her certificates and asking advice on how to appeal to enter local universities. She was among the 200 unhappy students across the nation who gathered at a counselling session organised by the MIC education bureau at the National Land Finance Co-operative Society in Jalan Sultan Sulaiman.

She said even her lecturers were surprised that she did not obtain a place to study in university. Sharing her woe is another polytechnic student Thilaga (not her real name) who finished her diploma in accountancy with 3.57 CGPA and a gold certificate.

"Those who could not get a place in university after SPM can look forward to it after STPM, if not after diploma. But, what about people like me? What else can I look forward to if not university?" asked Thilaga.

Unhappy parents who also attended the session raised questions on how the university entry system works. Many also complained that students with lower marks managed to obtain a place in public universities.

MIC education bureau head Professor Datuk T. Marimuthu said Mala and Thilaga are bright students with good CGPA. He promised to take up their matters and appeal based on their results. He said students who failed to get a place in university and those who got courses other than their eight choices can appeal.

Besides Marimuthu, Professor Dr. NS Rajendran and Sri Murugan Centre co-director Prakash Rao were also present to give direction and advice to the students.
***** Najib should now discuss with the Attorney-General as well as the Home Ministry and take due action on those in the NST who have dared to spread such slanderous, fabricated and completely untrue stories. Such filthy lies told about the government's policies simply cannot be tolerated.

In fact Najib must go one step further and openly rubbish this story by describing how lucky the Indians in Malaysia are and how the caring BN has looked after their welfare over the past five decades. He must especially emphasize that practically everyone in their community is either a lawyer or a doctor. Every single one of them owes his/her good fortune to the benevolent Barisan government who gave them so many places in all faculties in all the universities.

I'm sure that Najib must be already pissed off with the NST for earlier unfounded allegations that Indians form a disproportionate number of thugs, gangsters, murderers and convicts in prisons. "Bohong! Semuanya fitnah!" must be his war cry. He must also disclose that all this is the work of anti-nationalists, DAP, PAS, communists, and others who are envious of our country's super progress.

He should make an example of the belligerent editors and ensure that never again will these newspapers ever spread such slander openly. Thank God we have the I.S.A. to teach them a lesson that they won't forget.

In the meanwhile fellow loyal citizens, to all of you on behalf of our beloved DPM, I wish to say, "Semuanya OK! Malaysia Boleh!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had the EU diploma praise Malaysia, I doubt he would be accused of meddling in the country's internal affairs. Then the Abdullah administration will brag all over globe on the praise. Probably blowing the trumpet from the North Pole to the South Poles and even the penguins and seals will be informed. With so many many "negative achievements" by this BN government, it's desperate to create records and dying for praises to boost its impotent status.

12:07 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Shan said...

I heartily concur. Thanks for the good read and the laugh.

3:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh...our universities welcome foriegn students so that the world will looks up at malaysia boleh...
malaysia boleh...malaysia boleh...[sob..sob... i am you want to cry with me...or dont cry for me malaysia... boleh...]

1:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh... dont demand or talk too much...this is tanah melayu...not your grandfather country...remember "may 13"....rusuhan...keselamatan... basahkan keris dengan darah ....musuh negara ,bangsa dan ugama...pengkhianat negara...huru -hara ...kucar kacir...

1:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pemuda umno slogan...may13...huru hara...keris...musuh negara...tak suka boleh keluar [negara..]

1:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"remember "may 13"....rusuhan...keselamatan... basahkan keris dengan darah ....musuh negara ,bangsa dan ugama...pengkhianat negara...huru -hara ...kucar kacir..."

Yeah..yeah..yeah..lets just sit there and keep chanting these words again and again and again.....hoping that it will NOT spark anything and lead to another "May 13" of the 2000 era.

Keep chanting....keep chanting...may god bless you.

10:38 AM GMT+8  

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