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PSD Scholarships - An Umnoputera's Racist Math

Increasing the quota for non-bumiputras for Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships without increasing the actual number of scholarships has drastically affected the bumiputras, the Umno Youth Education Bureau said.

Its chairman Ahmad Ikmal Ismail said while the bureau agreed with the Government to give more scholarships to non-bumiputras, it did not agree with the way it was done.

“The quota for non-bumiputras has increased from 10% to 45% but the number of total scholarships has remained at 2,000.”

Ahmad Ikmal said this meant that scholarships were being taken from the bumiputras to be given to the non-bumiputras.

“We object to this move because it now means 700 scholarships for bumiputra students are gone,” he said.

Ahmad Ikmal said a better way would be to use the New Economic Policy concept to increase the number of total scholarships so that the bumiputras were not affected and the non-bumiputras got even more opportunities.

“For example, if the 'cake' was increased to 3,000 scholarships, using a ratio of 70:30, then bumiputras would get 2,100 places while non-bumiputras would get 900 places,” he said.

Ahmad Ikmal said although it would require more money to implement, education was an investment that was needed to develop society and the country.

He added that there were also instances of well-performing bumiputra students who failed to obtain scholarships from the PSD. (The Star)

***** Some things and some people will never change. So we have to change them.
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Anonymous novice101 said...

This has been the type of logic and the type of arithematics UMNO has been using all this years to hoodwink us. What is worst is parties like the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP have been standing by their side and saying nothing.

Do you see any one from these parties saying up on what Ahmak Ikmal has said???

10:06 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Hamzah said...

bro ikmal, it's Ketuanan Rakyat NOT ketuanan melayu.

if 2,000 top students are indians this year, give all 2,000 PSD scholarship to them!

10:43 PM GMT+8  
Blogger ck said...

...'some things and some people will never change. So we have to change them'...

I say some people just refused to change...

The Rakyat as a whole need to change our mindset before we can even talk about Ketuanan Rakyat

1:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Yup, that's right! These people will NEVER CHANGE. Since the last GE results, they have still not learnt!
WE either get them voted out for good or we will be forever under their type of warped logic!

9:17 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dun worry my non-Malay friends, being a Malaysian Malay I am happy to tell you some of us do appreciate your anger as justified. We Malays also feel the time has come for some privileges to be taken away from us as we are in a much better position now than before; even socioeconomically. It is time to give our non-Malays friends and families what they deserve as anak jati Malaysia yang dilahir dan dibesarkan di malaysia.
I per se have already set up edufuns for my kids as I will not expect 'alms' for my kids for when they go to uni as it will just be embarassing and a letdown to my other fellow malaysians if I didn't - subsidies is not cool for my family who are educated, hardworking and smart.And needless to remind everyone it is NOT a given RIGHT either,just a temporary privelege .
To all, lets not support this rightly termed' warped mentality' of decision review. It will forever tar the Malays with a 'beggar of subsidy' image which I think it is not fair for us Malays who have worked very hard to try to be on par with our non-malay compariots.

11:19 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racist Mathematics:--"One for you, one hundred for me...."

11:22 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:19 AM, I hope ther e are more Malays like you but unfortunatley my friend, even if there are, they seem to be very, very quiet!
God help your efforts in "bettering" your family's position in our society, through the "right" means.

7:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid UMNO fools, you people are complaining not enough because fools like you gave all the seats to the bloody mamaks. Who ask you to give bumi seats to mamak. Morone!!!!! Look at Penang. Classic example.

Fuck U UMNO.

10:34 PM GMT+8  
Blogger gongkaukau said...

I have always maintained that UMNO is a racist party.

9:04 PM GMT+8  

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