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A Shameless Samy Vellu Crony Talks Crap

As expected the NST, prime purveyor of disinformation and patently false and misleading government propaganda, highlighted how 'happy and fortunate' the Indians are in Malaysia. To back up that contention it interviewed a weird character who has a Tamil name but dons a Sikh-style turban. In a totally subservient and ridiculously pro-MIC fashion, this gentleman basically speaks rubbish which flies in the face of the ground realities. Read and laugh.

Though there are unresolved issues affecting the Indian community, only the Barisan Nasional can safeguard their interests, says the Federation of Malaysian Indian Organisations (Prima). The president of the umbrella body for 115 Indian-based organisations, Raja Retnam, gives his reasons to SONIA RAMACHANDRAN

Q: A section of the Indian community appears to be unhappy with the MIC and there is fear that they will vote against the Barisan Nasional this time. What do you think?

A: With nine parliament and 19 state seats, the MIC cannot afford to lose even one seat as the Indian community is already under-represented. They cannot use the election to punish MIC.

Q: So you think the community should give the MIC another chance?

A: Yes. Its president, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, has already answered the call for change by fielding 13 new faces at state level and two at parliament level.
If MIC fails to deliver this time, there is the next election to teach it a lesson. Indians currently have one minister, three deputy ministers and three parliamentary secretaries in the government. If, let us say, MIC loses five seats, how can we expect seven representatives in the government?

Q: What will happen if they do decide to vote for the opposition?

A: The community cannot afford to gamble. For example, if the MIC representative loses the Pahang state seat, there will be no Indian representative in Pahang. So who is going to bring up Indian issues in the state assembly?

Q: But sentiments are such that there are likely to be some who will vote for the opposition, don't you think?

A: If they do, MIC will still win but with a lesser majority. It may just lose one or two seats. Of course, fewer seats would mean it will be more difficult for MIC to play its role. It might also mean MIC losing seats in the next general election as the other component parties will ask for MIC seats based on the losses this time. It will be difficult for the community to recover those seats.

Q: What caused the discontent in the Indian community?

A: One of the reasons is that there are not enough Indian representatives at state level to raise and address community issues. MIC is a small party within the coalition. It has nine parliamentary and 19 state seats, so we don't have Indian representatives in every state government. In states like Kelantan, Terengganu and Perlis, there is no Indian state assemblyman at all. So how can the problems be heard?

Q: Do you think the new faces introduced by Samy Vellu will make a difference?

A: Yes. The new faces know what the community wants. They also know that they have to function effectively.

Q: Do you think the new government that will be formed will be able to rectify these problems?

A: I believe the new government will be able to rectify these problems. The BN is the best government and has brought tremendous development to the country. It has never sidelined any community.

Q: But there are claims that some of the Indian community's problems have not been resolved?

A: The non-governmental organisations aligned with the opposition have distorted and misinterpreted the issue and the opposition has capitalised on this.

The Indian community wanted a change in leadership and that has been answered. Samy Vellu has clearly said this is the last term for him and that he wants to ensure everything is all right before he hands the party over to the younger generation.

Q: Do you think Samy Vellu should step down?

A: Whoever is not functioning has to go. The Indian community is unhappy with the local leaders, not the party president. Samy Vellu meets hundreds of Indians weekly.

Why would they meet him if they do not want him? He has said he will step down after this term and I think he will keep to his word. I think Samy Vellu should not step down because he does his work. Age is not a factor.

Q: Do you think the Indian community is left out?

A: If it is, we can't blame the MIC or the government. There are many other reasons. The community has to grab opportunities presented. For example, the government has allocated hundreds of seats in vocational colleges but these are not taken up. When we go around recruiting, they don't grab the opportunity.

We must teach the community how to fish, not give them the fish. The community, however, seems to be looking for the fish. There needs to be reform and a mindset change in the community. They need to empower themselves.

Q: So what is the answer for the community?

A: They should vote for the MIC candidates. The opposition cannot represent them. They can only shout in the Dewan Rakyat. We need our representatives in policy-making positions.

So I'm calling on the Indian community to think rationally, intellectually. Act wisely and not emotionally. They must think about the fate of their children and community.

This turbaned Tamil gentleman's entire argument is built on the premise that Samy Vellu is beyond reproach, that he has done extremely well, he is needed for the moment and his selection of 'new faces' are a panacea for the problems besetting the community. He further illogically exonerates the Umno-led government and the MIC for the ills of the community.

His contention that Indian political representation would be reduced, is flawed because as it is the buggers aren't doing much and the new blokes won't be able to do anything either; not as long as Umno persists in maintaining racist policies. His so-called 'new faces' already have given rise to doubts about Samy Vellu's sincerity. For example the MIC candidate for Asahan in Malacca it seems even now has a reputation of being corrupt and apparently there are posters all over the place there seeking his removal. A few others it has been said are gangsters in politician's clothing.

Any guy who genuinely feels that Samy Vellu should not step down should have his mental status assessed. But I think that this gentleman doesn't really believe what he has said and is merely speaking up for some future reward that Sam may throw in his path.

The above opinion by the interviewee is a fake one and should be ignored. More realistic is the following AP report: Angry ethnic Indian voters could singe ruling party in upcoming Malaysian election

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Blogger kittykat46 said...

The thing is Barisan Najis / MIC is running on its track record.

Semi-Value has a sorry track record for the last 2 decades.

10:55 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Great Satan said...

Shameless. I think it is more than that.

Walaupun saya tidak bersetuju dengan sebahagian daripada meorandum HINDRAF tapi pada asasnya saya bersetuju bahwa kaum India di Malaysia terpinggir dan Sammy Vellu tidak menyumbangkan apa-apa untuk memperbetulkan keadaan ini.

Yang terbaik ialah untuk DEB dikaji semula supaya semua golongan terpinggir tanpa mengira kaum diberi bantuan sewajarnya. Pada masa yang sama sistem pembelajaran patut dikeluarkan dari DEB dan satu sistem meritokrasi diperkenalkan untuk mempertingkatkan semula sistem pembelajaran yang semakin "hampeh" dan hanya menjadi kilang pengeluaran sijil sahaja.

11:02 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Poonjabee bummie Mr Skylab Singh, whose parents named him after after the American spacecraft that fell back to earth in 1979?

11:03 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

I hope our Brothers & Sisters in the Sikh community can shade some light on this crook!
Vote for CHANGE!

12:26 PM GMT+8  
Blogger bayi said...

Who is this fart called Raja Retnam? Looks likes a photocopied Punjabi with a sham name.

2:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

115 Indian organisations in Malaysia? Where were all these people when you needed them..only surface when the estrangled leader needs to improve his image..not much in what he said gives me any hope that MIC can lead the Indians in the next four years.

11:42 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Chauncey Gardener said...

An Indian vote for the Opposition would actually strengthen the political hand of the Indian community. Once the BN sees how the Indian voters can swing the voting, you can bet that the Indian community will not be taken for granted anymore.

For too long, the Indians have been taken for granted by the BN. PKR and DAP have at least stood by their platform of multi-racialism by selecting Indian nomimees. Not so the multi-racial Gerakan, which begs the question on Gerakan's relevancy.

As for the MIC, it follows the racial divide-and-rule lineage of the BN. Mr Raja Retnam - please wake up from your slumber.

8:26 AM GMT+8  

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