Sunday, January 28, 2007

French Politician Sacked For Race Comments.

France's Socialist Party on Saturday expelled a politician who said there were too many black players on the national soccer team, party officials said.

Georges Freche was quoted by Midi Libre newspaper in November as saying he was ashamed that as many as nine of 11 starters on the French team were black.

"It would be normal if there were three or four, that would be a reflection of society," Freche was quoted as saying. "But if there are so many, it's because whites are no good. I'm ashamed for this country."

***** Thank God we don't have such racist comments being openly expressed here or given prominence. Otherwise what little gains we have made in badminton, basketball, karate, squash, swimming and tae kwon do would have been for nought.
Read the full report HERE.

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Anonymous mich said...

hehey, if I comment that " there are too many Malay teachers/police/government officers" in respective area, can it be considered as racist comment or not ah?

4:56 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With respect, just because there isn't the overt racist statements regarding sports in Malaysia [not openly expressed anyway], does not mean that racism has not found expression within the Malaysian sporting context. There are many who have played sports at district and state levels who can testify to not having been given a fair go at the expense of the promulgation of a particular race. The only difference is, without a free press that exposes racists for who/what they truly are elsewhere [case in point - the French politician], that kind of things never happens in Malaysia. One wonders which is the more sinister of the two? To be overtly and outwardly racist or; to be underhanded, covert and sinister about it without anyone being able to point outright and say that you are?

11:14 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mob1900 said...

We have sooo many racist comments here, uttered by VIPs and VVIPs but none gets axed. SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG WITH BOLEHLAND.

11:34 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mandelism said...

lol, we have them all here dude..
ministers woulld be among the ranks :) but they dunt get fired..they get promoted for showing that "bangsa,agama dan negara" is what we all are..

dumb lame

1:47 AM GMT+8  

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