Friday, June 30, 2006

Is The Malaysian Cabinet Afraid Of Khairy?

Apparently Mohamad Sabu, Vice President of PAS thinks so. He quite categorically states that almost all the Cabinet ministers lack the courage to face the PM's son-in-law.

According to him Dr M has revealed that some 'young men' who have been placed at the 4th floor of the PM's Department by Khairy are more powerful than the PM himself. Therefore he concludes that those young men are more powerful than the cabinet ministers and the person who put them there, Khairy, is the most influential and powerful man in government!

He further states that it is regrettable that neither the leaders of Umno nor the Barisan Nasional in the cabinet are daring enough to correct the situation and in fact are condoning it to safeguard their own positions. Although all of them are aware of this 'third party' control of the PM and the government, none are brave enough to voice out despite knowing that the current situation endangers national security.

Even Datuk Shahrir Samad, Sabu says, who has been painted as a hero by the media has not come forward to caution Khairy and his clique;
how then can we expect the others to speak out?

Sabu however singled out one minister, Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin who openly stated the existence of third parties controlling the government and considers him as one person who dares to confront Khairy. He also states that Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has been said to have met the PM to convey the public's apprehension of Khairy.

Mohamad Sabu further asks Malaysians to realize the quality of our ministers who care more for their future than national security. If the cabinet ministers and other political leaders don't make efforts to check Khairy then he holds them all jointly responsible if anything untoward were to happen in Malaysia. He hopes that at least a few ministers would summon the courage to confront and curb Khairy.

The citizens too have to 'rise' and face this challenge to the security of our nation.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are entirely those of Mohamad Sabu.


Blogger Waris Tok Naga said...

Wow, this political demonisation of young Khairy has reached what would normally be called a national security risk. Our preventive detention laws is still in place right?

So when is he going to get some kind of a clearance or comments of demial from our security apparatus?

But who is the internal security minister ?

11:25 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Waris Tok Naga said...

Additionally, Mathias Chang complained that the deputy internal security minister have issued a threat.

Read more:-

7:52 PM GMT+8  
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