Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why The Umno Inspired 'May 13, Melayu Bangkit' Rally Will Be A Damp Squib

10,000 members from 45 Malay non-governmental organisations with the purported aim of 'uniting' the Malays, are scheduled to meet in Kuala Terengganu tomorrow. They will gather to 'commemorate' the 41st anniversary of Malaysia's second most tragic event, eclipsed only by that greatest Malaysian horror of horrors - the ascension of Dr Mahathir to power as prime minister.

While the facade will be that of Malay NGOs, independently and with the future of the Malay race (whatever that may be) uppermost in their thoughts, 'berjuanging' and raising to hysterical proportions the spectre of the great Chinese threat to their immediate existence, behind the green screen will be the devious, puppeteering Umno hand -- the very hand that feeds contracts, plum positions, goodies, freebies and cold cash to this avaricious bunch of greed merchants populating these NGOs. Why do you think that there are hundreds and hundreds of Malay NGOs ostensibly 'berjuanging' for the same cause? Why the numerous duplication of Malay badan2 for the same cause cé·lè·bre? It's all about the money. Period.

These fake 'strugglers' for Malay rights couldn't give two hoots for the average Malay on skid row as long as their bank accounts, wives and brand new luxury cars are well cared for. They are frauds who without a second thought place expediency above principle, opulence above mundane matters of standards of right or good conduct. And in the process they lead the illiterate, the blind and the plain uninformed among otherwise well meaning Malays to the poisoned well of racism and urge them to drink from it, demi bangsa, agama dan negara.

These are the genuine traitors to the Malay race. These are the real enemies who have over the past decades slowly and steadily pushed to the abyss, in Tanah Melayu, successive generations of unsuspecting, blissfully ignorant Malays. And up there, standing at the very pinnacle of the tower of duplicity and trickery is the high priest of intentional perversion of truth, the purveyor of expediency, deceit and cunning, the Machiavellian manipulator and symbol of everything that is wrong with Malaysia, racist par excellence, then, now and forever, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (Taxonomically it is very difficult to determine and classify the species from which he originates, but the world's most venomous snake comes to mind)

There was a time when this 'Melayu Bangkit' chicanery would have worked wonders. That was during the dictatorial rule of our very own Robert Mugabe, Dr M. And it would have had the intended effect of rousing Malay passions unnecessarily. But alas those were the days my friend and Mahathir thought it would never end. But his era of total domination is gone for good, never to return, thank God. But his worldview apparently hasn't changed even a teeny weeny bit and he is poised to head the blood chants tomorrow, leading 10,000 greedsters and buffoons whose days of basking in the limelight have long gone past the expiry date. These extreme right wing egomaniacs and assorted nutcases would be a sorry spectacle to observe come tomorrow.

Of course we can expect the ultra racist Utusan Malaysia to trumpet the great 'success' of this rally of 'super patriots'.
Can one honestly expect Utusan to say that celebrating the bloody riots which killed so many Malaysians is a sign of mental illness and all those gathering in KT are perverted sickos? What else can Utusan do except continue bullshitting to its subscribers in the same vein as in the past? Utusan does not know anything else. It's main reason for still being around is to cheat and connive along with Umno and continue defrauding the more gullible among the Malays.

And lurking in the shadows will be Najib, awaiting any political dividend from this unholy rally of the walking dead. Oh yes, he will at the same time be preaching 1Malaysia in Sibu, attending functions at some Chinese tokong or school, spreading muhibbah around like so much confetti, pretending that he does not have a clue about what is going on in KT. He would of course be aware that many well informed Malaysians know full well about his machinations. But he could not bothered. The end justifies the means. He'll do anything and everything to achieve his ambition. And if he has to lie, cheat and manipulate, so be it. He has been there, done it. It's in his very nature, it's in his blood.

Fortunately this time around such acts of inanity would not be left unanswered. The age of the Internet would assure such rallies would be condemned for what they really are - politically provocative sandiwara. PAS for example has strongly taken to task Umno for their hand in this basically silly venture and that puts paid to Umno wingnut plans to 'unite' the Malays. Malay voices of reason across the political spectrum too have done their part in exposing the true reasons for this misadventure.

Of course there will be those, who despite every evidence to the contrary, will continue to see a grave Chinese threat to the Malays and would wholeheartedly support the wingnuts. That is their privilege. But most of us would more or less opine - "Thanks, but no thanks. Keep your racist agenda to yourselves."

**** Update 5.30pm:
May 13 rally called off (According to one of the organisers, “we had decided to postpone it after we were instructed by the country's top leadership, who are worried about the security situation." So these 'super patriots' DID take instructions from the top Umno gestapos. I'm sure that the Sibu by-election must have loomed large when they made the decision to stand down. 'Nuff said)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well said, The Malaysian. Totally agree with your opinion.

4:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any honest person with half a brain will tell you that this one man has so corrupted and turned the country upside down to such an extent that not only are the Malays, Chinese and Indians and others overwhelmingly distrustful if not hateful of each other, they are now so disunited that they are wary and distrustful of their own kind as well. Naturally and understandably, those political and financial hangers-on and scumbags who benefited immensely from the public purse and domain because of this man will treasure him to their dying day.

7:47 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Purple Haze said...

It was once again a case of foot-in-mouth disease.

The rally obviously would not jive with the 1Malaysia spiel in Sibu ... how could it ?

But someone forgot about timing. So, cancel under advice from "the top". Someone please give these ethnocentric NGOs a mirror !

2:57 PM GMT+8  

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