Saturday, November 17, 2007

Exclusive Chat Site For Muslim Youth Far From Hit

An exclusive chat site for Muslims, hosted last year with an unusually long list of 'no-nos' to keep the chat content "clean", has not quite clicked with youngsters in Pakistan.

DesiMuslimchat, which encourages youngsters to exercise their gray cells "with their own kind" in rooms with names like the "Adbi corner" (Academic corner), "students corner", "sports lounge" and of course, the "Islamic chat room" has not been getting the anticipated hits.

"We offer free chat rooms for desi Muslims around the world to chat pure and chat clean. If you are up to a Muslim chat, desi chat, Pak chat, Pakistani chat, Urdu chat- join our free chat rooms... Meet nice and cool desi Muslims and enjoy a clean Muslim chat of your own kind," DesiMuslimchat announces on its home page.

But unlike what the hosts must have imagined, the rooms youngsters throng to are not the "Adbi" or "Islamic" corners, but the romantic-sounding "Chandni Raaten" and "Suhani Shaam" -- and there's no stopping the offensive puns there.

Even the forums to brainstorm youth issues have not made a dent. The discussion forums have been blank, with an occasional post on the imposition of emergency in Pakistan and the October 19 suicide attack on former premier Benazir Bhutto's rally in Karachi.

Only five topics have come up for discussion in the Islamic forum, while nearly 300 topics were discussed in the general section. (DNA)

***** Youngsters it seems will be youngsters first, no matter what their religion.
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