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Don't Politicise Everything, Says Zahid. Great Idea! Now Tell That To The Umno Supreme Council

Bernama reports this wonderful piece of advice from an Umno leader who in the past as a Pemuda was not averse to indulging in devious politicking. The headline gave me the impression that he had by a miracle seen the light and had mended his ways. However his 'noble' advice is confined to and directed at only the opposition parties. Very unfortunate actually. Read the report first.
The people, especially members of opposition parties, should take part in various programmes organised by the Information Ministry rather than dismissing them as mere political gimmicks.

Deputy Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said programmes organised by the Information Department, including the Smart Community project, were aimed at promoting unity among the people through various activities.

"People shouldn't be suspicious about the activities for they are meant to unite the people of various races and religions irrespective of their political leanings," he told reporters after launching the Pahang Smart Community and Rakan Cop programme in Lanchang here today.

"The initiatives shouldn't be politicised and we hope everybody will take part in the programmes as they are aimed at improving their well-being," he said.

Ahmad Zahid said they would foster closer relations among the people through community activities, educational talks, interactions, and small and medium scale enterprise (SME) projects.
***** In essence I agree with Zahid for the need to scale down on politicking. But he should understand that it works both ways. You simply can't point fingers at the pembangkang while pretending to be oblivious of the fact that your own party is responsible for the worst form of dirty politics in the modern history of our nation.

Under Umno's watch much of the common man's everyday life has irretrievably changed for the worse due to the constant, incessant politicking. In education, sports, business and public service employment, the besmirched imprimatur of that party is ubiquitous and for all to see; some with disappointment and dejection, while others with delight and relish. The age-old British strategy of "divide and rule" is very much evident and lives on here in this fair land of ours, hale and healthy.

Do you for a minute think that this will change? Not if Umno can help it. The Thierry Rommels may come and go, but the fascists in power will stay on and on and on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Don't politicise everything." So says this political croc from U Must Not Object. Like all creatures of his own kind, UMNO is well known to "politicizing" everything below ground to outer space. Of course, UMNO has a "season" (not necessary, reasons) like the 4 seasons of the weather kind.

Agreed. Zahid should be telling his own species. He doesn't need to tell grandfather to suck eggs. We had enough tastes of their AGMs, hypocrisy and politicising everything in their self vested agendas. Spilling venom and shouting threats symbolised by the held keris against other races. Enough is enough. At least the Opposition has more conscience than crocs.

Because general elections is coming, hence, all thios double-talk about unity and the idiot box airing history of merdeka. Put it this way, there is extremely rare statemanship in UMNO. On the contrary, too many "Zahid" types now.

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