Saturday, January 27, 2007

International Schools - Education Ministry Starts To Meddle As Usual.

The Education Ministry has made five subjects compulsory for local students who are studying in international schools, reported Utusan Malaysia.

The subjects are Bahasa Malaysia, Local Studies, History, Islamic Studies and Moral Studies.

Education Deputy Minister Datuk Noh Omar said the introduction of the five new subjects is a new policy that the ministry had come up with for international schools.
“The new subjects will not be taught to international students at these schools because the ministry is only focusing on local students,” he said after launching the 10th anniversary celebration of Mutiara Grammar International School.

“This is to instil national values in local students.”

The ministry would not meddle with the syllabus being used at international schools because the matter falls under the purview of the respective school boards.

Of the 12,405 students enrolled in such schools, 2,977 are Malaysians.

***** I had anticipated that the Education Ministry will come in with burdensome regulations sooner or later. Except for Bahasa Malaysia and perhaps Islamic studies what is the necessity to include the rest of the worthless subjects as compulsory? All it will do is to unnecessarily burden the local student.

The reason parents send their children to international schools is to escape the clutch of the ministry and its mediocre standards and senseless requirements. Looks like even here their kids are not secure from the jaws of the overseers of our archaic education system.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allowing locals into international schools is already a bonus to those filty rich.If dont want to study the local subjects,send straight oversealah!!!!

3:52 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The compulsory subject 'History' should read 'Malaysian History from the viewpoint of umno', i.e. concerning the malay struggle for merdeka, the mpaja which were made up of communists from the chinese community, may13 caused by the 'kaum immigran' and so on.

2:54 PM GMT+8  

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